So, the time has finally arrived. No, we aren’t talking about getting married yet. In fact, we are referring to an even more crucial moment in every man’s life. We are talking about meeting her parents for the first time ever. As much as you may want to avoid/postpone the event, it cannot be done away with. Don’t sweat over it already. Let offer you some key points that will help you clear the day with flying colours.

Dress smart
Well, it is rightly said that first impressions are the lasting ones! A first meeting with your future in-laws calls for some thought on what you would be wearing. A figure-hugging T-shirt with loose jeans is an absolute no. Not that we are telling you to wear a three-piece suit, but every girl’s parents would like to see their future son-in-law dressed in a smart, mature way. Pick out a nice T-shirt with well-fitted jeans, or wear a formal shirt with nice trousers. Perfect for any occasion or any time of the day!

Clean and dry
It goes without saying that when meeting your in-laws, the messy just-of-the-bed look should be completely avoided. Shower and clean yourself up. Do not forget to use a nice-smelling after-shave. Trim your nails and comb your hair. Wearing clean shoes and socks go without a saying. Spray a generous amount of perfume/deodorant to complete the overall look. A clean and well-groomed man will always score brownie points with the bride-to-be’s parents.

Keep it real
In a quest to impress your in-laws, make sure that you do not start faking things. Keep the conversation genuine and real. There should be no room for pretense just to garner appreciation. Or else, you might just end up getting caught in your own web of lies. If a particular topic sounds alien to you, do not feign the know-about-it attitude. Instead, own up about your ignorance and see the look of approval from your future in-laws’ faces. An honest man never fails to impress.

Keep nervousness at bay
It is natural to feel anxious and nervous for an occasion like this. A few trips to the washroom before actually meeting the in-laws might not be uncommon for many men. Calm down gentlemen! They are not going to eat you alive. Be your natural self and let not negative thoughts deter you. Tough questions may be thrown at you but there is no reason to worry. After all, these meetings are a way of assessing you for their beloved daughter’s future. Do not falter!

Charm them
If you can charm them right, your way ahead would be much easier. A few thoughtful presents won’t cause any harm. Pick up fresh flowers for her mother (or maybe an elegant Pashmina shawl). For her father, a bottle of classic red wine (find his favourite beforehand) or a book by his favourite author. Half the work is already done. Follow this by offering genuine compliments and thanking them for giving an opportunity for this meeting. Before you know it, approval would follow suit.