Katie Weds Vish

The Place : Tampa Bay , Florida
The Date : 30th August, 2013
Photographer : Carrie Wildes Photography

Katie and Vish’s wedding was truly one of a kind. When these lovers from two different countries become husband and wife, the result was a beautiful and unforgettable wedding. For Katie, an American bride, and Vish, an Indian groom, their ceremony in Tampa Bay, Florida, saw them surrounded by family and friends. No distance was too great for those who wanted to see the union of two souls in love.

The wedding festivities began with the Hindu wedding rituals Vidhi and Garba. For the Garba, Katie and Vish were resplendent in bold, deep blue, red and purple. The ceremony was fun for both families as they celebrated each other’s culture. Both the bride and groom sat for the Mehndi, Haldi and Sangeet ceremonies. 

The following day saw an Indian wedding ceremony in the morning, followed by a church wedding. For the Hindu ceremony, Katie was every inch the beautiful bride in a lovely red lehenga, while Vish was the epitome of the Indian groom in a cream and golden sherwani. Carie Wildes, who photographed the entire pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding events, noted that, “In Hindu weddings, there are a lot of traditions that signify the importance of the marriage commitment.  Their officiant did an amazing job of explaining what each of the elements signified.”

Needless to say, the church wedding was as meaningful as the Hindu ceremony. The beautiful, candlelit ceremony featured Katie in a gorgeous, sleeveless white wedding gown and veil, and Vish was debonair and handsome in his grey three piece suit. The bridesmaid wore chic short, pale grey dresses, and the groom’s attendants were dressed in light grey suits. With orange as the accent colour in the bridesmaids’ bouquets and the groom’s attendants’ ties and boutonnieres, it was a gorgeous sight.

The Team at BigIndianWedding.com wished the couple years of conjugal bliss !



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