# Beauty Secrets

DIY eye makeup for Indian brides

Your D-day means all eyes will be on you. So why not give your eyes the makeover it deserves? The right kind of eye makeup can spruce up a bridal...

Nail art for your wedding day

Simple manicures are passe. Trending these days is the concept of accessorising one's nails with exquisite nail art. For an Indian bride, choices...

Hairstyles for brides: The DIY Sock Bun

Should a bride go for DIY hairstyles during her wedding? While most would prefer hiring a hairstylist, we say 'why not'. Whether you want to save...

The Ultimate Beauty Checklist

Your wedding date has been fixed. Are you panicking already? Keep calm ladies! To take care of all your beauty needs, we have compiled the...

Top 5 bridal beauty mistakes

Do wedding albums of your parents, cousins or friends make you wonder 'For god's sake, what were they thinking!'? Oh yes, in an effort to create...

5 beauty treatments to avoid just before your wedding

The pressure to look good during one's wedding leads many a bride to experiment with different beauty treatments. After all, you are preparing for the...

How to choose the perfect lipstick for your skin tone

Most Indian brides end up choosing the same old red lipstick on their wedding day. Sure, it is occasion appropriate but why not be a little...

How to get your perfect bridal skincare routine in 6 steps

Every bride wishes to look her best on her Big Day. While expert makeup tricks can do wonders for almost everybody, why not start early with your bridal...

Beauty countdown: 90 days to your wedding

Until and unless you are one of those who have all of a sudden decided to take the plunge and are getting married suddenly, most weddings are...

How to match your makeup to your lehenga

There have been times when we have criticized brides for their horrific makeup. Either they were too loud and brash in their look or too dull and boring as a bride. So what are the ideal makeup tips...

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