You may have hired the best makeup artist in town to do your bridal makeover. You may have also chosen the most celebrated hairstylist for the gorgeous up-do at your wedding. But beauty emergencies may strike at any time. Be a smart bride; keep handy an emergency bridal beauty kit, safe at the hands of your bridesmaid. lists the must-haves in every bride’s beauty kit.

Concealer: Your face sure looks impeccable at the beginning of the evening. But as the hours stretch, signs of fatigue, some irritation (god forbid!) or a minor flaw over the neck might appear. A concealer will save all these troubles. A little dab and you are set to go for another long session.

Blush: Probably, the first to wear out, blush adds a tint of rosy colour to your cheeks. Yes, weddings mean you are already on an overdrive and a natural colour is infused from within. But what is a wedding without the bride totally decked up? Remember to own a blush that best suits your skin tone.

Mascara: Light up your eyes by a generous dose of mascara. For obvious reasons, your choice should be a water-proof one to get you through all the emotional moments. Brush up your beautiful lashes time and again, to floor the guests and your man.

Eyeliner: Another essential for the eyes, the eyeliner is a must-have in every beauty kit. Ask your friends to caution you if they notice any fade in the colour. A coat or two after every few hours will make sure that the hard work by the makeup artist remains intact throughout the wedding.

Lip gloss/lipstick: Nothing lights up the face like the lip colour. If you haven’t got it right, it can spoil the entire look. Keep handy the lipstick and lip gloss so that your dainty lips remain hydrated and your look absolutely perfect. After all, these lips would be the focus of every smiling photograph.

Hair spray: Your hairstylist must have spent hours to get the apt look. But a few hours later, chances are that a few tricky strands may start acting weird. With a hair spray for your hair type in your kit, there’s no need to worry. Just a few sprays in your occasional washroom trips will work it well.

Body spray/perfume: Is there any bride who wouldn’t want to smell nice and feel fresh throughout her wedding? Everyone starts out well but a few odd hours later, strains of exhaustion might act as a dampener. In moments like these, your trusted bottle of perfume/body spray is the best bet.

Blotting paper: Often overlooked and ignored, a small pack of blotting paper can go a long way in keeping your look at your wedding prim and proper. Any kind of makeup blooper can be fixed by this tiny piece. Excess sweat or messy eyeliner, every faux pas can be managed.