What do you think is the one thing that makes or breaks the look for any bride? Any guesses? Makeup, lehenga, jewellery… no, none of these. It is the hairstyle that does the trick. One wrong foot forward, and the look can be ruined forever. While curls definitely have a girly charm, straight hair emerges as a clear favorite. But alas, all is not blessed with silky smooth tresses. Here comes to the rescue of hapless young ladies the procedures of hair straightening and hair rebonding. Bigindianwedding.com explains both the procedures and their differences.

Hair straightening 
Hair straightening is a procedure wherein curly or wavy hair is made to appear flat and straight albeit in a temporary way. It makes the hair not only straight but soft, silky and smooth. This method is perfect for girls who would like to style their hair for just a day or a few occasions. For hair straightening, hairstylists mostly use hot irons in conjunction with products like serums, relaxing agents, creams, gels and conditioners.  Selecting a small section of hair at a time, the stylist then repeats it over the whole length of hair to give it a complete new look. Hair straightening, if done carefully, can be accomplished even at home by patient hands. So, if you are keen to sport different hairstyles for your wedding functions, you may definitely go for hair straightening.

Hair rebonding
Hair rebonding is a special technique for hair straightening, which is a more permanent method to keep your tresses silky and smooth. In this process, the chemical bonds in the hair follicles are broken and rearranged to give a new lease of life to the unruly mess. Hair rebonding is more permanent as the chemicals are inserted into the innermost layers of the hair. Thus, until there is new hair growth, the process of rebonding remains intact. On an average, rebonding lasts at least 6-8 months, differing from person to person. Hair rebonding can only be done by a specialist in a professional salon, who uses a number of steps and specialized products to get the desired look. If you are truly bored of your curls and are looking for an image makeover post wedding, hair rebonding should be your call.

How to take care
No doubt that both hair straightening and hair rebonding are meant to beautify your tresses. But one has to remember that they are unnatural ways, hence proper care is to be taken so that the quality of your natural hair is not compromised. Regular oiling, using a shampoo and conditioner meant for straight hair, applying serum and hair masks once a week, eating a balanced diet are some of the ways to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

So ladies, are you ready for the makeover yet?