Foot spa treatments, along with pedicure, are a part of salon bridal care packages.  A foot spa treatment is ideal for brides, because it brings about a sense of well-being. It also includes exfoliation and massage, to reduce fatigue, tone the muscles, improve blood circulation and induce relaxation.

In a salon, deep tissue massage or other massages may be given. The experienced hands of trained therapists and masseurs take over, making the whole treatment both beneficial and totally relaxing. A fit preparation for the big day! However, you can also have a foot spa at home. Look for a peaceful place at home. Fragrance has a wonderful effect and helps to create a spa ambience at home. You can have scented pot pourri in the room too, or light an aromatherapy candle. Music also plays a very important role in creating the mood. You can have soft instrumental music playing in the background.

You will need a small tub to soak the feet, some ingredients and oils for massage, scrub, etc., as well as towels. Fill the tub with hot water and add rose water to it, or a few drops of rose or lavender essential oil. Add coarse salt to the water and some pure almond oil. You can also add some rose petals and petals of other flowers, to create the spa feeling.

Initiate the process by soaking your feet in the water for about 15 minutes, followed by a nice scrubbing of the feet. A very effective scrub can be made using almond meal, oatmeal or wheat bran with dry ground orange or lemon peel and granulated sugar. You may also mix yogurt, milk, vegetable oils to the scrub. After 15-20 minutes of scrubbing, rub your feet in circular movements. Follow it up with a gentle massage of your feet with oil or cream. After the massage, apply a mixture of lemon juice, honey and rose water on your feet. Relax for half an hour, and finally wash off the feet with plain water. 

Today, an overall sense of well-being is considered to be all important. That is why spas are using various natural therapies and techniques. Although based on ancient philosophies and holistic systems, there is no doubt that spas have become relevant to modern life.