Your D-day means all eyes will be on you. So why not give your eyes the makeover it deserves? The right kind of eye makeup can spruce up a bridal look to an altogether new level. With the right combination of your kajal pencil, mascara and eye shadow, gorgeousness can be created in no time. Listed here are some popular styles of eye makeup that are easy to create and look extremely impressive. You may either DIY or ask your makeup artist to create the looks for you.

Winged eyeliner look: Popular since the 1950s, the winged eyeliner look is an eye makeup style that has managed to charm every lady. This eye makeup is perfect for Indian brides on their D-day as it rightly accentuates the eyes and creates a striking effect.

Step 1: Place a mirror at your chin level while resting your elbows on the table. Gently drag the eyeliner along the lash line. Stretch it past the top outer corner of your eye. Make sure that the eyeliner follows the upward curve of your eye. For a more dramatic look for your wedding day, stretch the liner more.

How to create the perfect winged eyeliner look

Step 2: Now start working backward using short strokes with your liner. Make sure that you keep the winged look in mind as you start drawing.

Step 3: While you connect the liner to the inner corner of your eye, follow the natural shape of your eye.

Steps to create the winged eyeliner look

Step 4: For the perfect winged eyeliner look, the effect of the liner should be from thin to thick, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.

Makeup tutorial to create the winged eyeliner look

Step 5: Repeat the same process on the other eye. Finish off the look with a hint of eye shadow over your eyelids for a stunning effect.

How should a perfect winged eyeliner look like

Smokey eye makeup: If you are aiming for a smouldering look at your pre- or post-wedding events, there can be no better eye makeup than the smokey look. A hint of glamour with a dash of seductiveness, the smokey eye makeup is perfect for cocktail nights and reception dinners.

Step 1: Before you start with the eye makeup, prepare the area around your eyes by applying concealer to cover any kind of blemishes. Follow this by highlighting the area around your brow.

Makeup tutorial for smokey eye makeup

Step 2: Now the important step of smudging. Use a black eye shadow and smudge it around the lids’ area with a brush. Once it is done, repeat the same process with a metallic eye shadow. Be patient and smudge properly to give it a neat look.

Step 3: Follow it by applying a thin coat of eyeliner over your eyelids. Make sure the ends are drawn neatly.

A guide to create the perfect smokey eye makeup

Step 4Any kind of eye makeup looks perfect only if is accentuated with kajal. After the mascara dries off, apply kajal to the lower lids of your eyes. 

Step-by-step guide to smokey eye makeup

Step 5Finally, add more highlighter at the brow area. Merge it smoothly with the eye shadow to make it stand out. Add the final touches by brushing your eyebrow to make it perfect. 

The perfect smokey eye makeup look

Layers of lashes: For all those times during your pre-wedding celebrations that may lead to impromptu photo calls, the bride needs to be ready without being overdressed. Here comes handy this eye makeup trick which doesn’t need your eye shadow or even your kajal pencil!

Step 1: Start by applying a coat of mascara on your own eyelashes.

 Use mascara for highlighting your lashes

Step 2: Now apply a strip of false lashes along your lash line. Or, perhaps a few clusters of lashes towards the outer corners of your eye. Repeat the same process in your other eye.

Guide to apply false eyelashes

Step 3: Add the final touches by covering it with another coat of mascara. This trick will give your eyes a standout look without being too dressy. 

The perfect way to use mascara and false eyelases