There’s no such thing as completely perfect skin, but nevertheless, healthy, clear skin that glows from within is quite achievable. Some people are just genetically blessed with gorgeous skin, but even that requires care. Our diet, lifestyle and skincare routine reflect on our skin more than we realize.                                                                                                                                                             
Follow these simple steps to get that radiant, clear complexion you’ve always wanted; 

Stress takes a huge toll on the condition of our skin. If you’re overworked, sleep deprived or just prone to endless worrying, it’s going to show on your skin. Take time out for yourself, try and get adequate sleep and more exercise. Endorphins released during exercise increase the blood flow to the skin, thereby improving its condition. Meditation too helps to keep stress at bay.

Drinking enough water plays a vital role in improving the overall health and beauty of the skin. The benefits of water for the skin cannot be emphasized enough. Our skin is one of the last organs to get hydrated, so if the water intake is not matching up to the body requirement, it immediately starts to show. In addition to water, pack in a lot of free-radical fighting fruits and veggies to get glowing with good health.

Instead of hoarding a huge collection of skincare products, stick with the one’s that work best for your skin type. ‘Less is more’ is the golden rule when it comes to caring for your skin. The everyday essentials are a good soap-free cleanser, a moisturizer to suit your skin type and adequate UV protection. Natural products that can easily be found in every kitchen work wonders too. Milk is an excellent cleanser for skin, honey being a natural humectant provides moisture and sheen to the skin, lime juice is greatly beneficial for lightening blemishes and countering oily skin.

Besides the obvious health benefits of eating in moderation, it does wonders for the skin too. One should take care to avoid eating too much processed food and keep the sugar and sodium intake low as well. Drinking too much coffee dries the skin out. Alcohol and cigarettes fast-forward the ageing process of the skin and leads to fine lines, wrinkles and mottled skin and will result in a very haggard looking you.
It’s very easy to cosmetically beautify skin from the outside, but the process of getting healthy, glowing skin that is radiant to look at and soft to touch starts at the cellular level.