Be it the 18th century or the present day scenario, one aspect that women have always fantasized about is their appearance on their wedding day. It’s not a hidden secret anymore, that its every bride’s dream to look like a million bucks on her wedding day. Finalizing a suitable makeup artist gives women the jitters. And even after the artist has been finalized, you can’t help but get anxious about how the makeup will turn out on D-day. Well! Don’t fret gives the pointers to help you choose a suitable makeup artist.

The Research Engine: Remember researching never goes waste, so go ahead and read about all kinds of bridal make-up on websites, magazines etc. Always make notes of all the information you’ve gathered like the quality of work, the charges, reputation and the availability.

Referrals: Don’t be shy to ask around. You could pay attention to other people’s weddings and ask about their makeup artist. You could ask questions like:  How was the makeup artist satisfying, what are the charges, the pros and cons and the contact details.

Multiple Inquiries: Review numerous makeup artists, look at their portfolio and inquire about the quality of products they use, the charges, what kind of a look would suit your face and last but not the least the artist’s availability on your wedding day.

Trial not Error: Always remember ‘precaution is better than cure’. Book a trial session to see if the makeup artist’s style suits yours. Find yourself an image that you can show the artist to give her a better understanding about the kind of look you would want to achieve. Don’t be shy to try different looks and after each look take a picture, to leave no scope for errors on your D-day.

Budget it Right: Saving that pretty penny is never a bad idea. Inquire about the discounts available and whether services like the trial session, transportation, usage of products like false eyelashes, hair-extensions, and pre-makeup treatment ( a clean-up and usage of Ampoule) is included in the package or not.