Most Indian brides end up choosing the same old red lipstick on their wedding day. Sure, it is occasion appropriate but why not be a little experimental and rev it up a few notches? There are hundreds of lovely shades to choose from. Of course, not every colour will look equally good on you. Before you go crazy buying every pretty lipstick shade, there are a few pointers to be kept in mind.

Size of the lips
Before you even head off to buy your favourite lipstick shade, understanding the size of your lips is essential. A general makeup tip tells us that small lips look smaller with darker shades while lighter and brighter colours make lips look bigger and fuller. So take note and decide whether you want to accentuate or minimize your lip size!

Know your skin tone
Choosing the perfect lipstick shade depends on knowing the skin tone correctly. To find your skin tone, look at the colour of your veins. If they appear blue, you are cool. If they appear green, it means you are warm. Lean towards blue-based shades if you are cool-toned; warm-toned brides should go for orange-based shades.  

For the fair-skinned belles

Brides with fair skin should opt for reds that lean towards coral and orange. For day functions, shades of pinks and peaches look best on fair skin.

For the medium-skinned belles
Medium-skinned brides have a nice palette of shades to choose from. From browns to berry reds, you can easily play depending on your attire.

For the dark-skinned belles
Darker complexion doesn't mean you cannot play with lip shades. Shades like ruby, burgundy, copper and bronze looks lovely on dark skin.

Mix and match
If you are unable to find the perfect shade depending on your skin tone, an age-old makeup tip suggests that you combine two different shades and create a new shade. You may also combine lipstick and lip gloss for the perfect lipstick shade.

Time of the day
While choosing your lipstick shade, the hour at which you’ll be applying it must be kept in mind. For day time functions, nude and light shades look best. For the evening hours, always go for bolder and brighter shades, irrespective of your skin tone.

In sync
In an effort to make your lips stand out, do not ignore the rest of the face. Any beauty expert will tell you that the makeup of the whole face should be in sync. A completely contrasting colour palette for your eyes and lips is certainly not desirable.

Exceptions are always there
You don’t always have to follow every makeup tip from the rulebook. Experiment with colours. If you feel good wearing a particular lipstick shade, then go for it! Just remember to complete your look with a dazzling smile.