Every bride wishes to look her best on her Big Day. While expert makeup tricks can do wonders for almost everybody, why not start early with your bridal skincare routine? The earlier you start your beauty regimen, better the results will be. Beauty parlours, salons and spas can almost create a new you. Age-old home remedies and beauty tips, that have continued to impress brides for ages, will certainly come in handy. Beauty tips and pre-bridal packages are many; select a bridal skincare routine that best suits you and see the results for yourself. 

The basics
If you haven’t been doing it already, now is the time to begin! Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the three basic steps of any bridal skincare routine. Pick up products that best suit your skin type. Even if your wedding is a year away, it is never too early for this basic skincare routine. Every girl should make it a part of their everyday beauty regimen and skincare routine. 

Trip to the dermatologist

You may not require their service but a visit to the dermatologist would help you figure what your bridal skincare routine should be like. If you have any skin problems like acne, dark spots, pigmentation etc., it is best to get them treated at the earliest. The professional can also guide you to select a beauty regimen that would complement your ongoing treatment. 

SPF-ready always
Endless trips to the market in the scorching sun can cause great damage to your skin. Thus, a high-value SPF cream must find a permanent place in your bag. A point of caution though, select the value carefully if you have sensitive skin.

Grandma’s tricks
Go ahead and book yourself pre-bridal packages at the best salon. But remember, your grandma’s beauty tips are also not to be ignored. The kitchen is a treasure trove when it comes to beauty treatments. Right from the banana to orange peel, cucumber to gram flour, your bridal skincare routine cannot be complete without these natural beauty boosters.

Experimentation at bay
If your wedding is more than 6 months away, you may afford to indulge in a little play. But if not, it is advised you do not experiment with any kind of unusual skincare routine and beauty tips. The end result can range from weird to disastrous. Sticking to the basic bridal skincare routine and beauty regimen is always the best option.

Proper diet
It’s not just what you apply on the skin that makes all the difference. A proper bridal skincare routine involves a healthy diet in addition to expert makeup tricks and other beauty tips. To have a glowing, radiant effect, it is important that you eat healthy food. Crash diets are a strict no-no. Instead, have wholesome meals with the required amount of nutrients.