Simple manicures are passé. Trending these days is the concept of accessorising one’s nails with exquisite nail art. For an Indian bride, choices are aplenty when it comes to choosing her favourite design from a plethora of nail art designs. When so much attention is paid on all other aspects of bridal beauty, why ignore the dainty nails! After all, eyes will not be on your wedding lehenga alone but also on your engagement ring. Make the perfect style statement with a customised design of nail art.

Play with colours: Pick up the main colours from your wedding outfit and choose two different hues to decorate your nails with your choice of nail art. If you wish to keep it simple, you may just use one colour for the nails and the other for your cuticles. Or you may diagonally separate your nails and fill each side with the selected nail enamels.

Colourful nail art designs

Dab and dazzle: The bridal finery is all about glitter. Why not let your nails shine through as well? Dab a generous amount of glitter nail paint over the coloured nail paint. Glitter nail paints are available in a variety of shapes (stars, hearts, and diamonds to name a few). Choose any and add sparkle to your nail art.

Glitter nail art ideas for your D-day

Ornament it right: Pearls, beads, crystals... you may use any of these to decorate your dainty nails. Nail art designs can be as wacky as one’s imagination. Pick up a motif from your wedding lehenga and try to replicate it on your nails. But keep in mind not to go overboard with the ornamentation as it might start looking tacky.

Ornamented nail art designs

Go traditional: Certain motifs are common at most Indian weddings like the paisley designs, peacock, and lotus. Using thin brush strokes, paint miniature versions of the different motifs on different nails. The diversity will only add to the charm of the nail art. Make sure that the motifs are painted with precision for the best effect.

Nail art with painted motifs

Highlight the ring finger: Nail art designs may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For brides who are not completely sold on the idea yet, why not highlight just the ring finger? You may either choose to decorate the finger with a different colour or better still, ornament it with stunning nail jewels. It will create the maximum effect coupled with your gorgeous engagement ring.  

Accessorize your ring finger

Quick fix: And if you are one of those whose patience runs out at the drop of a hat, the market is flooded with ready-made nail art designs that can be easily glued on to your natural nails. Easy to fix and handy to use, all you have to do is to pick your favourite design and glue it onto your nails. 

Readymade nail art extensions