Seldom do we see a bride experimenting with her hairstyle during her wedding celebrations. It is usually the same old bun with the heavily-embellished dupatta over it. Neither is the bun visible nor is the bride comfortable with such a heavy dupatta on her head. It’s time Indian brides started to accentuate their look by indulging in fun bridal hairstyles for the different occasions. lists some cool ways to style your tresses for the wedding festivities.

Mehendi & Sangeet
The wedding festivities kick-off with the mehendi and sangeet ceremonies in most Indian weddings. An informal and fun event, the bride is usually relaxed and carefree. A hairstyle that befits such an occasion is a messy braid, decorated with fresh flowers, imitation jewellery or other hair accessories. The braid can either be left at the back or made into a side plait. The casual nature of the occasion should be reflected in the choice of your hairstyle too.

Bridal hairstyles for mehendi or sangeet functions


The cocktail night calls for some style and panache. Usually a bride prefers to don a feminine dress or a sleek gown. To compliment her attire, a loose side bun is the perfect hairstyle to sport. The bun renders a formal look while its position and texture adds a feminine grace to the look. The hairstyle can be further enhanced by adding some flowers to the other side of the bun. Please note that while the bun should be kept loose, the front side of the hair needs to be in place.  

Bridal hairstyles for the cocktail party


For most brides, the wedding calls for a more traditional approach. A simple updo bun is the most apt choice. You may choose a pretty diamond ornament to decorate the bun. But instead of the heavy ornamented dupatta, opt for a second sheer/net dupatta. Easy on the head and stylish to the eye, the sheer dupatta will also help guests see your neatly tied bun, complete with the accessories et al. The bun gives you a traditional look while the sheer dupatta adds a touch of contemporary flair.

Bridal hairstyles for the wedding


The reception, usually from the groom’s side, is a formal occasion where in the bride is introduced to the groom’s side. An occasion like this means putting your best foot forward. Depending on your attire, you may opt for a side-swept look, with your hair let loose in soft curls on one side. Or, you may go for a traditional plait complete with flowers and classic accessories adorning your hair. Whatever style you choose, make sure that it gives you a classy elegant look fit for an occasion like your wedding reception.

Bridal hairstyles for the reception night

While choosing your hairstyle, certain factors must never be forgotten. First and most important, the occasion; second, the shape of your face; and third, the season in which you are getting married. It is also advised that you choose your wedding attires and hairstyles accordingly so that they complement each other. And finally, do not hesitate to experiment with your hairstyle even during your wedding.