Your wedding date has been fixed. Are you panicking already? Keep calm ladies! To take care of all your beauty needs, we have compiled the most exhaustive bridal beauty checklist. Follow the month-wise schedule, leave all the stress behind, and paint the prettiest picture on your wedding day.

12-10 months to your wedding
(a)    Start collecting hair and makeup ideas and looks that you love
(b)    Time to go for regular manicures and pedicures
(c)    Establish a regular fitness regime, either join a gym or start at-home workouts
(d)    Check a dermatologist if you have any skin issues
(e)    Get into the habit of drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day
(f)     If you are considering a laser hair removal, get your first appointment at a reputed salon

9-7 months to your wedding
(a)    Time to start eating right; avoid skipping meals and cut back on salt
(b)    Check out for latest trends and reassess your beauty kit accordingly
(c)    Do not ever miss out on the sunscreen lotion when going out
(d)    Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep without fail
(e)    Book some massage sessions with your beloved to dispel the wedding stress
(f)     Pay special attention to the trouble zones of your body in your workouts

6-4 months to your wedding
(a)    Check back with your dermatologist/salon professional if you are on the right track with your skincare regime
(b)    Start taking care of your tresses by moisturizing them regularly; consider some salon treatments
(c)    Look for hair and makeup experts. Book a hair consultation and settle for the perfect look for the different occasions
(d)    Cut back on your caffeine; it’ll work wonders for your teeth and skin
(e)    Start your weekly at-home body exfoliation
(f)     Do not forget to moisturize your lips regularly for soft and supple lips

3-2 months to your wedding
(a)    Time to attend a trial session for your makeup
(b)    Decide on your wedding day fragrance
(c)    Time to give your hair a trim before the D-day
(d)    Consider going in for a teeth-whitening treatment

4-2 weeks to your wedding
(a)    Finalize the hairstyles and makeup for all the functions with your chosen expert
(b)    Add an extra dose of exfoliation to your routine for a glowing skin
(c)    Do not indulge in deep cleansing facials or any major beauty treatments any more 
(d)    No trying out any new cosmetics either
(e)    If you colour your hair regularly, go for a touch-up now. Caution, no trying out new colours
(f)    Go for a run for half an hour; not only will it burn the calories faster but also act as the perfect stress-buster

1 week to your wedding
(a)    As the wedding day draws closer, stay calm 
(b)    Keep a check on the caffeine, sodium and alcohol intake
(c)    Confirm your appointments for hair, makeup, manicure and pedicure

1 day to your wedding
(a)    Get your manicure and pedicure
(b)    Have a relaxing and luxurious bath and look ahead for the big day