Do wedding albums of your parents, cousins or friends make you wonder ‘For god’s sake, what were they thinking!’? Oh yes, in an effort to create the perfect wedding, brides sometimes end up committing some serious blunders. For the benefit of all brides, we compile the most common bridal beauty mistakes so that you take every care to avoid them.  

Mistake 1: Oops, I forgot to carry my lipstick!
The long hours, the constant greetings, and the countless smiles at your wedding mean your picture-perfect makeup would be needing touch-ups from time to time. Despite tall claims by your makeup artist that the makeup will last for the entire length of the evening, makeup usually loses its sheen quicker than that. Carry with you a little blush and lipstick (if not anything else) to avoid giving the washed-out look on photographs. Ask a bridesmaid to carry around the emergency bridal beauty makeup kit.

Photo courtesy: Natasha Nischol and Virginia Holmes

Mistake 2: My head hurts already!
Severe updo, side-swept hair, French braid, puffy curls… a girl who isn’t comfortable with any of these hairstyles may opt for one of these styles on her wedding day. To get the desired look, brides sometimes tend to overlook the discomfort a new hairstyle may bring. The numerous pins, sprays and gels to keep the hairstyle in place can make the long hours of your wedding extremely strenuous. If you want to have fun at your wedding, choose a stylish but a comfortable hairstyle.

Photo courtesy: L'Oreal

Mistake 3: Black tears running down my cheek? Oh no!
Weddings are an emotional affair. Teardrops would be an on and off visitor, we bet. But don’t let them play a spoilsport. Water-proof makeup is a must for brides. Be it the foundation, concealer, eyeliner or mascara, whatever brand/s you choose, make sure that you invest in a good kit of water-resistant makeup items. And as a precaution, always keep wet tissues and blotting paper handy for any emergency that might occur.    

Photo courtesy: Atul Pratap Chauhan                    

Mistake 4: Redness and patchy skin… Why??
Every bride likes to look fresh and radiant on their big day. They sometimes end up going for last-minute cleansing, peeling and facial just before the wedding. The heavy bridal makeup immediately after this leaves the skin irritated and patchy. It is a well-known fact that the afterglow of facials comes to effect only after a few days. We therefore advise that you go for facial cleansing 3-5 days prior to the wedding, and not just a day before.

Photo courtesy: Ruby Glow Salon

Mistake 5: Why did I wear those 6-inch heels?
Heels make a lady look sexy. A pair of glittering golden heels is almost a necessity for every Indian bride. But the long hours at the wedding can be hard on a bride. Instead of a 6-inch heel, opt for a more comfortable height that would look equally good on you. And always keep a pair of flats as an alternative, especially when you step on the dance floor to actually enjoy the wedding. After all, you don’t want to end up looking for band-aids and cotton. 

Photo courtesy: Robin Saini