Weight loss has always been a weighty issue for most of us! It becomes more so as the wedding day approaches near. With plenty of spotlight bang on the bride and groom-to-be, hiding those tyres, and looking toned and fit gets very important. And thus begins our experiment with weight loss techniques.

Lose Weight not Health
There are various ways to lose body weight. What you need to remember is that it should only be the excess body weight that needs to be shed, and not health and nutrition. Individual body type requirements need different weight loss solutions. It is always advisable to approach a dietitian who will ensure that you get optimum results. Here is our recipe to get you in shape and add that extra stamina needed for all the wedding fun. 

Get Going
Excess weight is attributed to bad dietary habits and sedentary life style. So, if you plan to lose weight and ensure that it doesn’t come right back onto you, you need to strictly follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Most people have trouble sticking to one diet form if they do not see immediate results. Avoid trying multiple weight loss techniques; give your body time to adjust to your will. 

Watch What you Eat
Fat is the main culprit here. This is what you need to cut down. But not all of it (don’t want to lose those curves!). You can go by the low-fat or low-calorie diet which requires you to cut down on excess saturated oils, butter and other fattening food. As the body consumes fewer fats, it will periodically cut down on weight. Low carb diets are also a rage. Foods high in carbs and sugar need to be cut down, so you need to consume more of whole grain products, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, white meat like fish and chicken, etc. Eat in moderation, in smaller quantities and at right intervals, and watch the excess disappear. 

Exercising Right
Eating right will get the weight down, while exercising will tone the body up. There are many forms of exercise that can help you. Simple forms like running, jogging and dancing to guided weight training, cardiovascular exercises, to aerobics and yoga will yield excellent results. Doing the right exercise is important. Exercises that leave you exhausted, irritable and with lots of aches and pains are not right for you, while the ones that leave you energized and feeling fit are perfect.

No two individuals will get the same results from a similar weight loss program; keep this in mind while choosing yours. There are other diets such as rotation diets, Atkins diet, grapefruit diet, cabbage diet, juice diet, zone diet, South Beach diet, raw food diet, etc. For most of these diets, it is essential to consult a nutritionist, for they may serve your immediate weight loss purpose, but without proper guidance you could also lose all the essential nutrients that are necessary for good health.

Wedding is a strenuous time, looking good and a healthy glow can’t be substituted. Indulge yourself with an educated diet that allows you to have fun, stay slim and above all keep tiredness and fatigue away.