When choosing a bridal lehanga there are several fabric and material options available in the market. Before selecting the fabric one must consider aspects like:

1. Season: Summer or Winter  
2. Time: Morning or Evening
3. Body type: Hourglass, pear-shaped and the likes

When selecting your lehanga, it is important to try different fabrics. You can get a feel for the weight, quality, and structure of the garment. See how the fabric "moves." This will also help you to narrow your search and focus on the fabrics that you are comfortable in.  With so many choices, how does a bride choose what is right for her?

If yours is a summer wedding or you don’t have experience wearing a lehanga for long stretches of time, avoid wearing a fabric that will make you feel uncomfortable with rising temperature. Use some light fabrics like chiffon or Georgette. Chiffon is a very elegant sheer fabric which has a graceful drape. Georgette has a grainy sheer texture. However, it is not as soft and lustrous as chiffon but it drapes well and is easy to maintain. In a chiffon lehenga as well as in Georgette lehenga, you will be comfortable performing the wedding rituals.

If yours is a winter wedding, a silk lehenga may be the best choice for you. It looks elegant and drapes well on the body. However, silk is expensive and therefore you may want to consider the slightly less expensive satin as the fabric of choice for your special day lehanga. A satin lehenga will feel smooth against your skin and will still save you some money which you can splurge on something else!

If you have a slim figure, organza may be a good fabric choice for you. Organza has a stiff drape and falls away from the body and therefore women built on the heavier side should avoid this fabric. This fabric will make them look even heavier. Because of the way this fabric falls, organza can bring a crispy feel in your wedding lehanga. Plus size women should always choose some fabric that has a nice drape and which tends to cling to the body. The preferred fabric for women with such a built would be silk, chiffon or Georgette.

Another excellent choice of fabric for your wedding lehanga is crepe. Crepe will give a beautiful drape that falls into soft, wide flares. However, it is an expensive and luxurious fabric with a dull sheen which also tends to shrink a lot. If you can afford and are ready to spend a good amount of money, you can go for crepe wedding lehanga too. If you’re ready to spend a fortune and feel like a queen, then why not go for the fabric of the queens? Brocade is a rich and elegant fabric woven on a jacquard loom and is usually stiff. Do remember that brocade is a heavy fabric and you need to be sure you are comfortable wearing it. We suggest you wear the fabric and see how it feels on your body before buying it.  

A glamorous choice for your wedding day look can be a net lehanga. You can choose some elegant fabric like chiffon, Georgette or silk as its lining for making it a really beautiful wedding outfit. Last but not least, if your skin is allergic to synthetic fabrics, try to make the lehanga with some skin friendly fabric. Go for organic silk or other such fabrics. Cotton lehenga made with fine and soft cotton with sheen can also do provided you decorate it with some special fabrics and trims like net and laces. You can even have a net lehenga with a lining of fine soft cotton. The aim should be ultimate comfort so that the bride too can enjoy her own wedding!