It is every woman’s dream to walk down the aisle in the most beautiful gown and every guest’s expectation to see a beautiful bride. The moment you see a beautiful dress you are lost in painting a mental picture of yourself in it. All you care is that it’s beautiful and you want to own it. Well you are excused if it is on a regular day. But deny yourself that liberty if you are doing so for your Wedding day. While at the Wedding trousseau store you might come across that dress which you saw on the runway from the latest bridal collection but remember every dress is different in its silhouette and falls varyingly on different body types. If it complements your structure you are blessed but if it doesn’t fret not as there is undoubtedly a more beautiful gown that waits to embrace your body type.

Every woman concerned about looking beautiful has already figured out her body type. Hence, here are some tips on picking the perfect Wedding Gown and lo and behold your dream of looking like a princess is alive. 

Hourglass: An hourglass figured woman is busty with a defined waist, curvy hips and shapely legs. Her bone structure is small, and sometimes heavy on the buttocks. This body requires a dress that would accentuate the slim waistline. However, the dress should not be too tight or baggy, semi-fitted is the cut to go. A sweetheart neckline would show off the bust with poise.  Two-piece and corset dresses enhance the hourglass figure. A gown which fits and flares like a mermaid gown or the trumpet style gown does perfect justice to this body shape. 

Pear shaped: The name is enough to define the body type which means it is just like the fruit where you are small on top and heavy on the bottom. For this body type a strapless ball gown covers the bottom half and brings the upper and better part to focus. The Empire dress or the A line dress is also a perfect choice as it hugs the tiniest region of your body and conceals your lower half. A pear shaped bride should opt for puffy sleeves and shoulder pads to even out the silhouette. 

Since you have a tiny frame you should bear in mind that nothing should be elaborate lest it ends up looking like the gown is wearing you rather than the other way round. An A-line dress works well even for a petite body. Off-the-shoulder gown is another hot pick and all the details like the bows and the sequins should be dainty just like your frame.  

Ruler shaped (straight) figure: A ruler shaped woman has an upper and lower torso that is equal in width. She has an average bust, an undefined waist, a flat buttock, and slender legs. As lengthening the upper torso would be the main objective for this body type you can choose a neckline that falls below your collarbone thus elongating the neck. A drop waist skirt or a straight style skirt would also give this structure a slender look.  Your skirt is best in a straight style, as it will slenderize your look

Cone shaped (inverted triangle) figure: A cone shaped woman has a broader top and a narrower bottom. When choosing a wedding gown, you want to aim for balancing out your top and bottom halves. A gown with a plunging neckline is preferable as it will elongate your broad upper frame and a full skirt is not a bad choice as it would balance the width of your shoulder. This is another body type where a ball gown style and an A-line silhouette would look great.