Called by different names like odhni, chunni, chunari, the dupatta for an Indian bride is as integral as her attire. They are the true epitome of an Indian bride and her modesty. But wouldn't you like to create a novel look for yourself on your wedding and not tread the same steps as all the other brides? Aren't you bored of that one look with the dupatta that is always sported by brides? It's time to bring some innovative ideas on to action. Let Bigindianwedding guide you through the same. 

Style 1
This style looks good if you are wearing a covered choli with not much skin showing. Pleat the dupatta and place it on one of the shoulders, letting it hang freely over that side of the body. With the other end, cover your head and let the loose end fall at the back itself. Wrap an elegant yet a narrow waistband to give the final touches to the look.

Style 2
This style would befit a dupatta with a heavy border. Cover your head and let one end of the dupatta cover a part of your chest. While for the other end, wrap it around the wrist such that the border makes you look like a royal princess, oozing out panache and poise. In fact, even if you do not wish to cover your head, this style would compliment you well.

Style 3
Add the charm of a sari to your wedding lehenga. In most Indian weddings, the brides prefer to don a heavy lehenga on their D-day. Why not give it a little twist by wrapping the dupatta in such a way that it lends a touch of the ever graceful sari? Just as you would don the pallu of the sari, unfurl the dupatta in the same manner. Tuck one end to your waist accentuating your beauty even further. 

Style 4
A wedding lehenga looks resplendent no doubt. But the intricate embroidery, stone work and heavy embellishments make it a little too heavy for the petite bride. The dupatta doesn't help either as more often than not, it is equally heavy. We suggest brides to opt for a sheer net dupatta with delicate embroidery to veil her head. It looks refreshing and is also easy on the head! 

Style 5
We all agree that a dupatta adds a definite charm to the Indian charm. Imagine the splendor of two dupattas! Yes, why not double the appeal? Let your head be covered by a net dupatta (as already mentioned). While wrap the heavy dupatta around your shoulders or your waist. You won't be weighed down by the heaviness yet also display the resplendent intricacy.

Style 6
Maybe this style won't suit your wedding day look but it can definitely be one of your looks for the other functions like your mehendi/sangeet. Slightly edgy and modern in its appeal, this style involves wrapping the dupatta around the neck, with one end over your shoulder while the other hanging at the back. Spice it up with a sexy choli and see everyone marveling at you!