There have been times when we have criticized brides for their horrific makeup. Either they were too loud and brash in their look or too dull and boring as a bride. So what are the ideal makeup tips that will make you look pretty as a daisy? The makeup that should be sported, irrespective of factors such as weather, skin type, occasion, must be in accordance with your attire. Rest assured, your bridal look cannot go wrong!

You are not a rainbow!
If your lehenga is a combination of maroon, green and golden, it does not mean that your makeup should have the same trio of colors donning your face. Imagine your eye shadow, blush, lip color, hair accessories all in the same colors. Well, we dread even imagining, let alone actually seeing such a disaster!

Let your eyes do the talking
Dressing up your eyes is always a safe bet. Choose the color from your attire or variations of the same to play up the eyes. Believe us, it will never let you down. No matter what your makeup is for the rest of your face, getting the eye makeup right makes other things fall into place. 

Seal your lips
An Indian bride means lot of bright colors. This calls for matching your lip color to the color of the wedding lehenga, just the skirt part and not the all-over outfit. It works beautifully because the lips stand out in a bright pink, red or fuchsia and do not clash with the choli. Also, a sense of uniformity exists in the entire getup. 

Complete no-no
While talking about lip colors, there are some colors that are quite tricky. For instance, orange or saffron. If your lehenga is in the said colors, it is better that you do not match your lips to the lehenga color. Pick up any other color from your outfit and match accordingly. 

Evergreen red
Well exceptions always exist! Red looks good anywhere, anytime, on anyone! Yes, at least one type of red works for every single lady. Whether you are wearing a blood red lehenga or a cherry red, find the matching lip shade and match right away. We can assure you that you will look a stunner. 

Tread a different path
Sometimes, introducing an absolutely new color in the makeup works wonders. It might be a little too adventurous for your wedding day, but pink lips with a maroon lehenga or peach lips on a fuchsia sari will add a little spunkiness. Don't be too predictable; try something anew. 

Pick the best, leave the rest
If you opt for a multicolored lehenga for your wedding, pick out one or at the most two colors (ones that compliment your skin tone the most), and do up your eyes and lips in the same. Let us remind you that doing both requires some skill and confidence. Or, you can choose the better feature of the two to highlight in the chosen color.