As a bride, your wedding day will come complete with invaluable emotions and sentiments. Dressing up on your big day in your mother’s or grandmother’s bridal outfit, will make those wedding memories that much more special and cherished for years to come. Reviving heirloom bridal outfits is not a passing trend, it’s a practice that has been around for many many years across the world, not just for sentimental reasons, but also for the unique look which every bride wants that an antique outfit can so beautifully provide. Add to that the fact, that reviving the much treasured outfit can be a huge cost cutter in the overall wedding expense.

With the kind of expert help from designers that is so easily available today, restyling the bridal saree so that it matches your taste and requirements while still retaining its old world charm, is not an unachievable task. There are several ways in which the "new" can be incorporated while retaining the beauty of the "old" ; from getting a new structured choli with a contemporary design to modernize the look of the outfit, or working with a glamorous layered look with the saree draped as ‘odhni’ over a new simple lehenga or saree.

Beautiful ‘zari’ borders from old kanjeevarams can be used on new fabrics for a fabulous new look. If the fabric of the saree has lost it’s sheen, the heavy borders and motifs can be used on solid silks and velvets or gorgeous tie-n-dye’s to give it a new fashionable avatar. If the saree can be used as it is, just adding lining all around the saree in a similar colour tone or even a contrasting colour if it works with the overall look, can give the outfit an instant facelift. 

If you desire, additional embellishments in varying colour tones and styles can be added to the original saree to give it a heavier look. Roughly half of all Indian women wear their wedding ensemble just once, on their wedding day; so digging out the fabulous and usually well preserved saree that made your mother the resplendent bride that she was and using its old world beauty and the sentimental significance attached to it, to recreate the same magic for your wedding, will surely add more sparkle to your perfect glow of love. With a little bit of creativity, imagination and effort, your mother or grandmother’s long cherished treasure, carefully protected for many years can see the light of day again and be a part of a new happily ever after.