Browsing through scores of pictures on (click here to see and making countless trips to the designer stores, a girl finally chooses her dream wedding lehenga. After devoting so much time and spending a fortune, your wedding lehenga sure deserves a worthy space in your closet. Since you are not going to be wearing it like every other garment, it is important that you store your wedding lehenga properly. We bring to you a guide on how to store your bridal lehenga.

Get it dry-cleaned: As soon as the wedding festivities are over, get your lehenga dry-cleaned by a specialist. You might not notice a single stain on your lehenga. But there is always a possibility of tiny blots leaving their mark on your dress. Secondly, your sweat marks (especially under your arms) will leave a blotch which tends to darken over time. To prevent any discolouring in the future, dry-cleaning is a must.

Never hang, always fold: It is always advisable that you do not hang your wedding lehenga. Hanging your dress will gradually alter its shape. Instead, keep it folded in a box. Without creasing it, wrap the sleeves before tucking them with the choli. Folding the skirt part of the lehenga can be quite tricky. Since wedding lehengas are mostly laced with sequins, beadwork, pearls and the likes, place acid-free white tissue paper between each of the folds to prevent any kind of snagging or scratching.

Wrap it in muslin: Once the lehenga is folded and ready to be boxed away, wrap it up in an unbleached muslin cloth for extra protection. The unbleached material will prevent any kind of discolouring of the garment. Only once you are certain that you won’t be wearing your wedding lehenga in the next few months, go ahead with the packaging. The constant wrapping and packaging the lehenga over and over again can cause serious damage to your precious buy.

Get the right box: Selecting the right kind of box to store your wedding lehenga is important. Always opt for a solid card box made from acid-free materials. Make sure that no light reaches your dress as it can lead to colour fading of your lehenga. Before placing the lehenga inside the box, cover all its sides with acid-free paper. Finally, place one layer of tissue paper over the lehenga once it is packed inside the box.

Store it right: Finally, the card box with the lehenga should be stored at a place devoid of any humidity and dampness. Preferably, place it inside your cupboard, inside a drawer, or under the bed so that no sunlight can reach the box. The next time you wish to don your wedding attire, besides a few wrinkles, the lehenga should look as good as it was when you bought it for your wedding.