Often called the hope chest or the glory box, the bridal trousseau have been a bride's treasure box since times immemorial. With every passing generation, the contents in a bridal trousseau have undergone a sea change. But what remains changeless is the emotions attached to it. We at Bigindianwedding.com compile a list of items that deserve a space in every bride's treasure box. 

Marriage brings in a wave of transition for a woman... from a young, carefree girl to a mature, responsible woman. What will help every woman move effortlessly is her memories from the past, be it in the form of photographs, diaries, post-it notes or the face of a worn-out doll. While packing your trousseau, do not forget to tuck away these pleasant memories from the past. 

Definitely the major chunk of a bride's trousseau, clothes to get a bride through her initial days as a newlywed, for her honeymoon, and sleepwear must occupy prime importance. A new bride would require new clothes at every junction of her new life, at least for the first couple of months. Hence, it is best advised to pack attires pertaining to different occasions that would form a part of her new life. 

Yes, this section deserves special importance in a bride's trousseau. The market is flooded with styles and kinds, flattering different body types. Do pack a handful of variety, a balanced mix of comfort and sensuality, an assortment of appealing colors, and some quirky stuff to blow your husband's mind away! Besides your 'outer'wear clothes, these inner little things would help you sail through. 

A new bride is identified with the amount of jewelry that she endows herself in. Well, a bridal trousseau can never be complete till it holds some precious jewels within it. Some heirloom pieces, your favorite ring, the maangtika, those pretty anklets, the majestic kundan-meena set, the subtle pearl set, the pair of diamond solitaires... yes, all these and some more...

Do not dare forget these seemingly-less-significant nick-knacks. Your trousseau box must have the basic sets of footwear (a pair of stilettos, a flat pair of sandals, black pumps, bathroom slipper). Not to forget the other significant details like your handbag/purse/clutch, the bangle box, face tissues, so on and so forth.

No woman considers herself complete until she has her make-up in place. A bridal trousseau's (probably) most important component is of course, her entire make-up kit, packed to the tiniest detail. The same can be said of a lady's toiletries; they follow her wherever she goes. 

So, all you brides-to-be out there, make a list of your essential items and get started!