A bride without any jewellery is unthinkable, is it not? But, with a plethora of big and small jewellers to choose from, it is not an easy task any more to select one. While choosing a jeweller, some of the aspects a bride needs to take into consideration are as follows:

How much money have you kept aside for wedding jewellery? You should choose your jeweller, based on your budget. It is pointless going to a very expensive and upmarket jeweller, in case you want to pick up numerous jewellery pieces for your wedding. Because if you do, you might not be able to buy all your jewellery in the allocated budget. 

Kind of jewellery
If you looking for heavy gold jewellery, then go for a jeweller who specialises in the same. Jewellers like Ganjam and Sons, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zarveri, BC Sen, Joy Allukas are some of the upmarket and popular jewellers who are known for their traditional and heavy designs. In case you are looking for more contemporary and daily wear pieces, then Tanishq is a good bet. 

Smaller Jewellers
The lesser known local jewellers offer value-for-money, with low making charges, but one has to be careful about the quality of gold and those of the studded stones, if any.  Always insist on the purchase receipt, so that in future if there is any dispute or even if you want to sell or exchange the design for a new one, you can show the receipt as proof of purchase.

Type of gold
Keep your wardrobe in mind, when you go jewellery shopping and accordingly you can choose your pieces in yellow or white gold. Diamonds are said to get an extra sparkle and shine when set in white gold.  If you have a lot of clothes with yellow zari work, then you should preferably pick up your pieces set in yellow gold. 

Semi-precious jewellery
If you are one of those who would not like to invest too much money into bridal jewellery, then you can buy jewellery made with semi-precious stones like amethyst (violet variety of quartz), amber (mostly yellow in colour), azurite (deep blue), quartz, citrine (color ranges from a pale yellow to brown), malachite (green) etc, set in silver with or without gold polish. Not only is this kind of jewellery very fashionable and funky, it can be worn with both Indian and western wear. 

Last but not the least, when you go for this all important purchase, take a family member or your future husband or even a friend who can assist you not to just choose the right jewellery piece, but more importantly offer you security when you are carrying your valuable purchases back home.