It would not be wrong to say that creativity is synonymous with the artistic jewellery designer Pallavi Foley. Having designed jewellery for Tanishq including the Miss India Universe Crowns in 2006 and 2007, Pallavi is touted as the next big thing by many fashionistas. Innovating with each design, Pallavi’s work is unique, lustrous, feminine and very wearable.

With numerous Indian and international design awards to her credit, Pallavi has come a long way.  Her captivating designs are becoming popular with brides, as they are very traditional yet contemporary at the same time. It’s not a secret anymore that Pallavi is a trendsetter and a fashion force to reckon with. She has rightly been called the Elsa Peretti of the new generation in the recent edition of Harper’s Bazaar, where World Gold Council had picked the hottest talents to know.

Pallavi Foley jewellery

Her latest collection ‘By the Lombok Moonlight’ draws its inspiration from the history and tradition of South East Asian Islands. Pallavi says, “Travel has been my greatest source of inspiration, and in this collection as well, my inspiration comes from the historical jewellery and traditions of the Southeast Asian archipelago, where each motif and texture is rooted in reason.”

Pallavi Foley By the Lombok Moonlight collection

The Southeast Asian influence can be strongly seen in the boat like shapes, spiral and double spiral and the geometric/animal shapes and forms designs used on the pieces. Available only in 21 limited edition sets comprising of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, her latest collection can leave you spellbound.

Jewellery designer Pallavi Foley's creation

Well, brides-to-be, wouldn't you want a piece in your jewellery trousseau?