Ganga… the word has many a significance to the Indian ethos. One of the most prominent rivers of the country, she has a reverence of a mother for an Indian soul. While mythological tales abound about her origin, river Ganga has been the source of inspiration to many over the years. The house of Tanishq, capturing the four moods of the river, has created a breathtakingly beautiful collection. gives you an exclusive preview.

Sthira… inspired by the calm
Ganga begins her journey atop the serene Himalayas. Born as a brook, she quietly trickles over a sleepy bed of pebbles, and makes her way down the icy slopes. In this design, white and gold gently swirl around pebble-like diamonds, as homage to her holy birth.

tanishq ganga collection - 'sthira'

Nrithya… inspired by the flow
On her journey, Ganga exudes unparalleled grace. She sways down the rocky slopes in a passionate dance. Her flair is immortalized in this bangle where streams of round diamonds dance through banks of bezel set diamonds.

tanishq ganga collection - 'nritya'

Krodha… inspired by the fury
Ganga tears through the mountains with a cold, yet seething anger. She lashes out in rage at anything that stands in her way. Nothing can arrest her turbulent gait. Her ferocity comes alive in this bangle where a whirlpool of gold and pave set diamonds gushes wildly around a black mother of pearl.

tanishq ganga collection - 'krodha'

Sangama… inspired by the confluence
Ganga only calms down when she unites with her sisters, Yamuna and Saraswati. When they meet, she shares her silence with the surrounding ghats. As she ebbs further down, Ganga is finally at peace. The sanctity of this union is captured in this exquisite confluence of yellow and white gold with pave set diamonds.

tanishq ganga collection - 'sangama'

Tanishq has come up with some of the best collections in the past. While each surpasses the other, the Ganga collection resonates a sense of ethereal charm and sublime beauty. It definitely should be a part of your jewel box, we think.