Zoya, the chain of luxury diamond boutiques from the House of Tata, has earned the reputation of creating jewellery designs that go beyond the realms of the ordinary. The diamond jewellery collections that come out from their midst seem like bespoke pieces of art, ready to charm its wearer and the onlookers alike. Their latest line of jewellery designs takes inspiration from one of the basic elements of life, fire.

Zoya diamond jewellery presents the Fire Collection

The Fire Collection by Zoya is a brilliant tribute to the power that dwells in a spark, whose flame can light up the darkest corners of the universe, and whose fury has forged some of the most spectacular treasures the world has ever seen. The collection is a brilliant combination of jewellery designs, embellished with fiery sapphires, radiant gold and exquisite diamonds.

A traditional hansli given a contemporary twist by Zoya

Taking the dainty candle as an inspiration, the set of earrings and neckpiece made of sapphires and diamonds is one such creation that will leave a lady wanting more. The pendant, a string of yellow and orange sapphires which come cascading down, with a generous sprinkling of white diamonds, has a contemporary panache. The sapphire and diamond jewellery combination uniquely blends the charisma of both the precious metals.

The Fire Collection by Zoya has breathtaking neckpieces

The hansli, a traditional ornament that has been worn by Indian women since a very long time, has been re-interpreted in the Fire collection. The hansli made of pure gold is intricately embellished with brown enamel fire patterns and white polki bands. Another breathtaking creation, a traditional gold hansli with partaj designs on it, has been retouched with white diamonds and a central polki that takes the shape of fiery flames.

Earrings inspired by the traditional diya (earthen lamp)

The Fire collection has some of the most spectacular earrings. Each pair takes inspiration from the same element of fire, yet evokes a different story each time. The traditional diya is given a stunning new form in an intricate halo of solid gold as a golden blaze with a heart of polki and white diamonds burn brightly within.

A beautiful pair of diamond and sapphire earrings by Zoya

The changing hues in a burning flame are brilliantly captured in the beautiful pair made of yellow and orange sapphires. If you are looking for a truly uncommon pair, the earring which is reminiscent of the form of a candle melting against the force of a flame will be a perfect choice.

An eclectic collection of earrings by Zoya

The Fire collection showcases an eclectic collection of rings for the ladies. A perfect tribute to the magnificence of the sun, the finger ring featuring white polki surrounded by pave set diamonds over a burst of gold and black enamel can be worn at cocktail evenings. The dazzling glow of the frenzied flames inspires to give birth to the gorgeous gold ring, with a generous display of sapphires and citrine.

Gorgeous diamond rings by Zoya

With each collection, Zoya stretches the limits of imagination to new heights. By mixing traditional designs with contemporary sensibility, Zoya clearly carves out a niche for itself.