If you consider diamond jewellery to be synonymous to bling and something that can only be worn for weddings, prepare to have your preconceptions shattered. Zoya, the chain of luxury diamond boutiques from the House of Tata, churns out delicately crafted souvenirs of art, apt for the discerning, design-seeking Indian woman with an international sensibility.

The Dance of the White Peacock Collection from Zoya

Ancient cultures, a forgotten relic, a sensual dance, an exotic fabric, a sudden burst of rain... each jewellery collection from Zoya takes inspiration from these facets of life. With expert skill and craftsmanship, each piece is immortalised in jewellery designs of diamond, interspersed with gold and precious stones. Let us unfurl this breathtaking journey with Zoya and introduce you to an exclusive gallery of fine art.

The Inheritance Collection from Zoya

For the woman who loves her Indian roots but isn’t ready to contain herself within the traditional realm, the Inheritance collection by Zoya should definitely form a part of her jewellery collection. Its regal yet contemporary looks lend an air of aristocracy to each of the jewellery designs that can surely be passed down as heirloom pieces. The beauty of the diamond jewellery pieces are enhanced with the use of delicate ivory enamel, gold and luminous pearls.

The Celestium Collection from Zoya

The woman who spends most of her time in boardrooms and corporate setups, wearing clunky jewellery is out of the question. Understanding her needs, Zoya has created the perfect collection called the Celestium. Drawing inspiration from the infinite space and its many celestial bodies, the collection is an ode to the modern career woman. The jewellery designs are elegantly crafted with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, pearls and gold, fit to be worn at all times of the day.

Exquisite pieces from the Egypt and Greece collections by Zoya

The modern Indian woman is a well travelled soul who transcends boundaries. As an ode to her journeys to distant shores, Zoya has a number of collections inspired from the ancient civilisations of Greece, Spain and Egypt. Each collection has the distinct marks of the respective culture. Using motifs, symbols and colours from the ancient civilisations, each collection is as evocative as it is exotic. Closer home, Zoya has drawn inspiration from the holy city of Varanasi to create a bespoke Banaras collection. The age-old temples, the Ganga ghats, the lotus all take shape in the intricate jewellery designs of the collection.

Inspirations from the Spanish culture for the Espana collection by Zoya

An evening soiree with your girlfriends, a candlelight romantic dinner with your husband, or a wedding reception that you have to attend, the one accessory that can make heads turn is a piece of exquisitely crafted diamond jewellery. Subtly elegant and high on aesthetic appeal, the Dance of the White Peacock and the Lace collections are what every woman would like to call her own. The Dance of the White Peacock, as the name suggests, is inspired by the majestic dance of the white peacock. The Lace collection, on the other hand, derives its nuances from the popular fabric that have been adorned by women since the 15th century. Sparkling diamonds with a generous sprinkling of gold and pearls, each piece is a work of art.

The Lace Collection from Zoya

And finally, can there ever be an Indian wedding without some serious sparkle? Zoya’s Jewels of the Crown is a collection befitting a queen. Each piece tells an untold story of aristocracy and centuries of royal decadence. Diamonds embellished with emeralds, rubies and tanzanite, the jewellery designs of this collection speaks of sheer grandeur and indulgence. Adorn yourself in this stunning diamond jewellery at your wedding and transport yourself to an era of glorious royalty.

Jewels of the Crown by Zoya

Understanding the finer nuances of a modern Indian woman, Zoya’s diamond jewellery reflects a sense of contemporary finesse, sprinkled with the right amount of traditional elements. Ladies, go visit the nearest Zoya boutique and pick out some diamond jewellery for yourself!