Cheap decoration ideas... is your mind conjuring up crass and unrefined images? Using a little creativity and imagination, one can work wonders decorating their wedding venue even when on a budget. There's no need to sweat it out. Bigindianwedding offers some easy out-of-the-world ideas that will give flight to your dream wedding. 

Never ignore the flowers
The most important element in decorating any space, choosing the right flowers is essential while on a budget. Choose in-season blooms from a local vendor. You may even choose to decorate with wild flowers, definitely it will add a dash of originality. Better still, buy artificial silk flowers. They can be used even later! 

Candles, candles everywhere
What better way to add a slice of romance than by lighting a candle? Well, spruce up the space with as many candles as you can. You may even use tea lights and votive candles to add extra glitter to your wedding. The mood will be oh-so-mesmerizing without even hurting your pockets!

Paper lantern prettiness
Whether it is a day function or a nightly event, paper lanterns never fail to impress. Lit or unlit, they hold the place together like no other decoration piece. Imagine an array of pretty paper lanterns hanging in the air with only tea lights and candles glittering away. Do you even need anything else?

Add some quirkiness
It might seem ridiculous but at hindsight, probably it will leave your wedding a memorable event for all the guests present. Why not use some item which usually people wouldn't even consider? Say for instance, colorful umbrellas. Hang some in bunches, let some roam aimlessly around the venue. We bet your wedding would feature amongst the most talked about. 

Tulle to your rescue
One of the cheapest fabrics around, tulle can be of immense help in bringing to life your wedding venue. Drape it around the entrance, feature it while decorating the stage, dress up the tables and chairs... tulle will never let you down. It is one of the most versatile decorating elements for a wedding.

Creative culinary corner
You must have heard that cooking is an art. Well, arranging is also an art. Decorating the dining area right is a great way to save some bucks. Ensnare all with innovative fruit centerpieces, artistic bread creations and candy jars. Place a water feature (like a fountain) to capture everyone's attention. 

Less is more
You must have definitely heard of this adage. Yes, you need not stuff each corner of the venue with some type of decoration piece. Let there be breathing space and highlight only select areas. Firstly, it will add grace to the place and secondly, it will be easy on the pocket.

Choose the right location
If you do not wish to spend at all on decoration, choose a location that leaves everyone captivated. If you have a beach wedding, the water and sand will do all the talking. Or maybe in the countryside where rusticity will prevail needing no decoration whatsoever. 

Choices are aplenty. The only limit is your imagination. Let it loose and see the wonders for yourself.