Does a budget wedding call for putting a full-stop to the entertainment factor? You may not have an A-Lister Bollywood star jiving at your guests or exotic dancers shaking their bellies. But who cares? A wedding must be a fun-filled event where guests are not bored. brings to you some of the best pocket-friendly entertainment ideas for your memorabilia. 

Retell your story
We do not mean that you, in your heavy lehenga, with your groom jump around in the stage. Ask two of your acting-crazy friends/cousins to prepare a short skit retelling the love story to the guests. With some quirky dialogues peppered with a few songs, we bet your audience would love it to bits. 

Apni Lata
Well of course, Lata Mangeshkar is ours! But every family has their own Lata's and Sonu Nigam's. Your wedding can prove to be their Indian Idol stage. Of course, a little prior rehearsing would be necessary on their part. Impromptu jigs by your guests should also be made welcome. 

Shake that biscuit, baby
Come on, you needn't be a trained dancer. Play some foot-tapping number and see your dance floor getting crazier by the minute. From your friend's hip-hop steps to your granny's old school moves, you will see it all. Trust us, any day better than choreographed performances!

Karaoke corner
Very popular these days, mark a territory in your venue for the karaoke fun. Let your guests take part either in groups or individually. Add to the fun by choosing songs which have been your all-time favorites or better still, choose hilarious/raunchy/'cheap' numbers that won't annoy/embarrass anyone. 

Mini photo-booth
This one's for keeps. Have a small corner marked for this activity. Request one/two of those photography-savvy relatives to capture candid shots of your guests. Either present a copy to the guests immediately or courier them later as a mark of thanksgiving. Seriously, better than those forced poses!

Hunting for treasure
A budget wedding would most definitely mean limited guests. Why not engage them into some games? Like a treasure hunt (sort of)? Read out a list of items. The first person/group who manages the feat can be rewarded with a special photograph with the bride and groom, or a small gift. What say?  

Open mic
Let the gates open! No, we are not asking you to let wedding-crashers in. We mean pass around a mic among the guests and ask them to narrate anything that comes to their mind, say for instance, the first time they met you, some old silly fight, heartfelt wishes for your future and the likes. Guaranteed fun!

All the above said options (and many more that you can think of) do not need a heavy pocket. A budget wedding does not equate to a no-fun wedding. Remember, it's all in the minds. With a little creativity on your part and some help from family and friends, you can have unbridled fun! Put on your thinking hats folks and see the wonders popping out!