Size matters but not in the case of Bali, the tiny island in the Southeast country of Indonesia. Famed as the 'island of gods', Bali with its varied landscape of hills, rugged sandy beaches, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides along with its highly spiritual and unique culture is nothing short of paradise on earth. You may be able to drive around the entire coastline in barely 24 hours but the innumerably wonderful experiences that Bali has will fill up an entire lifetime. Spark up your honeymoon surrounded by the divinity of ethereal Bali. 

Bali is one of the 17000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago and is located just over 2 kilometers from the eastern tip of the island of Java and west of the island of Lombok. Bali is approximately 144 kilometers from east to west and about 80 kilometers north to south. 

In Bali, the daytime temperatures are usually pleasant, ranging from 20°C-33°C all the year-round. From December-March, the monsoon season makes way for heavy showers with high humidity, with the days remaining still pleasant. The months of June to September is low on humidity with hardly any rain. But it shouldn't surprise you to find cloudy skies and showers at any time of the year while in central Bali and in the mountains. In the higher altitudes, it gets distinctly chilly after sunsets, irrespective of any season. 

The Balinese temples
It is not for any reason that Bali is called the 'island of gods'. Each Balinese family has their own temple. In fact, there is a common belief that the temples outnumber the number of people of the island. These temples are one of the main attractions for any visitor to this idyllic place. Though there are thousands of temples scattered all over, a few of them deserve a special mention. Commonly known as the 'elephant cave', the temple of Goa Gajah which is built at the intersection of two rivers. The temple, belonging to the 11th century, is one of the most important and oldest Balinese archaeological sites that still holds many secrets for history lovers. Another major temple of the island is the Uluwatu which is located at the top of a steep cliff. The stunning view that it promises its visitors makes it a must-visit attraction. Another significant temple is the Pura Goa Lawah or the temple of the bat cave. Despite the noise and the odor offered by the thousands of bats residing, a trip to this temple is definitely worth a visit.  
Natural wonders
Bali is a nature lover's paradise with lush greenery, exquisite beaches and exotic wild animals. Given the volcanic nature of the island, most of the beaches are strewn with black sand with only a handful of beaches with powdery white sand. Away from the coasts, the island is laden with acres of rice and paddy fields, just like out of a painting. Almost all of Bali's mountains are volcanoes, some long dormant while some still active. Do visit Mount Batur, one of the most accessible active volcanoes in the whole of Indonesia, which is only a two-hour climb. The monkey forest of Ubud, the reptile park of Rimba, the Bali bird park, the reptile park and the Bali zoo are worth visiting if you are an avid animal lover. 

Art and culture
Though every place has their stock of cultural remnants and artistic flavor, the island of Bali can boast of a very strong lineage to art, both traditional and contemporary. With innumerable museums, workshops and retail outlets, Bali can be the ideal place for an art connoisseur. Just like art is an extension of the daily lives of the Balinese people, the same can be said for dance. An air of spirituality engulfs the island, with a rendition of pure, graceful dances. The Balinese often narrate episodes of mythological stories or historical accounts of Indonesia. Spend an evening or two enjoying the soulful epiphanies. 

How to get there
Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport is best suited for all international travelers with its modern amenities and facilities. There are ferries available to move around from the nearby islands (like Java and Sumbawa) to the island. Similarly, traveling by road is also possible via connecting roadways from other islands. 

If you want to experience a honeymoon immersed in spirituality and divinity, a trip to Bali is inevitable.