A truly romantic honeymoon getaway, with breath-taking scenic views, rich aromas, turquoise seas ancient ruins and historic sites, Turkey is a country of sensory delights. A perfect blend of tradition and modern cultures, famous for its exquisite cuisine, warm hospitality and places of rare beauty, make Turkey a great choice of destination for that first special celebration of newly wedded bliss.

Turkey is a Eurasian destination bordered by 8 countries, with the Mediterranean sea to its south, Aegean sea to the West and Black sea to the north. The Anatolian peninsular region, which comprises most of modern Turkey, is considered to be one of the earliest human settlements in the world. 

Weather: Turkey has 7 separate regions falling in different climatic zones. The coastal areas bordering the Mediterranean and Aegean sea have a temperate Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild, wet winters. The interior Turkey with the central Anatolian plateau experiences a continental climate with sharply contrasting seasons. The Black sea coast receives the greatest amount of rainfall in all of Turkey with the eastern part of the coast getting rainfall round the year. The peak summer months are from June to August and winter lasts from December to February.

Beaches: Cleopatra’s beach in Antalya, with its mesmerizing views is a favourite with visitors to this country. Belek, another beautiful destination with its lush green forests and golden sandy shores, is tailor-made for a romantic honeymoon. Fethiye’s palm fringed beaches and magnificent turquoise waters are a sight to behold. The town of Kalkan on the Mediterranean coast has many historical sites and some of the finest beaches in Turkey. Spend your days frolicking around the fabulous beach resorts, enjoying a variety of water sports or exploring the many historic sites and spend lazy evenings enjoying the traditional belly-dance performances and indulge in the world famous Turkish cuisine, you can’t go wrong with a Turkish beach vacation. 

Historical places: The history and wealth unearthed from the excavations all around the Anatolian region can be seen on display at a number of museums across the country. The museum of Anatolian civilizations, Archaeology museum, Museum of underwater archaeology, Gerome open air museum, Topkapi palace museum and The Turkish and Islamic arts museum are some of the popular ones. Monuments and statues from different time periods and religions can be found all over Turkey. The Perge theatre, Hadrian and City walls in Antalya; Halicarnassos Mausoleum, Ancient theatre and Rock tombs, Myndos door in Bodrum; Yerebatan palace, Hippodrome, Theodosius obelisk and religious monuments in Istanbul are truly fascinating. Visiting the ancient ruins, sites and cities in Antalya, Bodrum, Cappadocia, Fethiye and Nemrut can be a wonderfully surreal experience.

Natural wonders: The Alcadag nature reserve, which is home to some extremely rare and old species of trees, the Polonezkoy forests with it’s beautiful streams and wooden bridges, Mount Nemrut, possibly the most famous and best known images of Turkey with its huge sculptures of Gods on the mountain top, and the very impressive and stunningly beautiful white terraces of Pamukkale are all a must visit. With so much to do, see and explore, a Turkey honeymoon promises to be a vibrant, fun-filled and exciting beginning to your happily ever after.

How to get here: The Ataturk International airport in Istanbul is Turkey’s primary international gateway. The Esenboga airport at Ankara caters to a limited selection of international flights and provides direct charters to the popular Mediterranean locations in the peak season.