Although there are some magazines and advertisements available for you to look at when you are still deciding on your honeymoon destination, the most probable thing to happen to you is to select not the best for you but the most advertised destination. Here's how we propose you avoid such an eventuality and instead choose the destination that is the best fit for you.

When are you going?
The first thing you have to identify when choosing your honeymoon destination is not where or how will you spend your honeymoon; but the "when". Most honeymoon destinations have their season-highs and season-lows. These are influenced by the weather at the location. Activities and some amenities depend what time of the year you’re headed to your desired destination. The number of visitors the destination attracts also depends on time of year. Some hotels and resorts are best at a particular time of the year. Some also offer special prices in a particular season. Therefore, to know how far your buck would go and the things you can do on your honeymoon; first determine the time of year you will travel. 

What are the activities you would like to do?
Making sure you know what you want to do on your honeymoon destination will certainly make your selection easier. For example, are you and your spouse the adventurous kind to enjoy water sports, or would you rather have a laid back vacation with some luxurious pampering at a spa?  Do you want to explore culture and history or do you want to just relax and enjoy each other's company. Knowing this will keep you on your aim to shortlist the honeymoon destination of your choice.

Set your budget and identify the honeymoon destination...
By now you probably have a fairly good idea of the destination where you would like to spend that special time with your wife. The next big question you need to answer is regarding your honeymoon budget. The same destination can offer you choices in the budget that best fits your pocket. As an example, prices for a hotel in Bali in peak season can vary from Rs.6000 per night to Rs.25,000 per night. It just depends on how indulgent you want to be. If you have a shortlist of possible destination that fits your budget, the next you should do is identify what places offer the best accommodation, amenities, services, sights, luxury, and comfort among others. Then, choose one that is right for both of you. Remember that the place should not necessarily be the least expensive; it should be the place where you will be able to enjoy and have fun together. Once you have nailed your budget, go talk to a professional travel agent.

Choose a good travel agent
Since travel agents are such an integral part of a person’s travel plans, one should always ensure the travel agent is well qualified for providing assistance with making these plans. The first step one should take when choosing a travel agent is to obtain referrals from friends, family, or business associates. A personal recommendation demonstrates that the travel agent has satisfied customers. If personal recommendations for a travel agent cannot be obtained, thumbing through the telephone directory or searching for an agent online is another option. After placing a phone call to a potential travel agent, it is best to follow up on the phone call with a visit to the agency. This makes it possible to determine whether or not the prospective agent’s office meets certain standards and expectations. Questions a person should ask oneself when meeting a new potential travel agent include: Is the travel agent answering all of my questions? Does the travel agent give me the impression that he or she is only in the business to make a sale? Does he or she seem to genuinely want to assist people?

Happy Travels!