Explore these incredibly beautiful and romantic destinations for the blissful and magical honeymoon you’ve always wanted.

Bora Bora (French Polynesia)
A perfect 10 on the romance scale, Bora Bora is the most romantic tropical island honeymoon destination in the world. Towering peaks of jet black rock in the heart of the island, crystal clear waters in myriad shades of blue, beautiful lagoons, everything on this island was made to dazzle the eyes. Spend your days indulging in a variety of water sports on offer or just basking in the warmth of the South Pacific sun. Indulge in what pleases you most and you can be sure Bora Bora will leave you with memories for a lifetime.

Paro Valley (Bhutan)
A place of breath-taking beauty set against the backdrop of snow covered mountains, a Paro Valley honeymoon will be an unforgettable one. The tranquillity and serenity of Paro is unmatched in the Indian subcontinent. The paradise like town is dotted with elaborate 3 storey farmhouses which are considered the most beautiful in the whole of Bhutan, has acres of blue pine forests, and seems to float amidst the clouds; a perfect setting for those long romantic walks. 

Phi Phi Islands (Thailand)
Sparkling white sandy beaches bordering the vivid turquoise of the Arabian Sea, Phi Phi islands are for many travellers across the globe, the only reason to touch down in Phuket. Towering cliffs giving way to beach front jungles make Phi Phi a sight to behold and they are the perfect destination for a laid back honeymoon. Of the two islands, Phi Phi Leh is completely free of human inhabitants; and the other, Phi Phi Don has no roads. This is the place to honeymoon with no schedules and no hurry, where incredibly romantic sunsets and stunning sunrises await you.

A country of scenic delights, in the middle of the Alps, Switzerland sits between Italy, Austria, Germany and France. Travel across the country on the popular Swiss train routes, explore the cosmopolitan city of Geneva, the French speaking Lausanne and the metropolitan Zurich which is also the country’s major cultural centre. Hiking and biking, for those who might enjoy it are wonderful ways of exploring the picturesque Swiss countryside. 

Coorg (Karnataka)
If a peaceful, secluded, intoxicating and invigorating honeymoon destination that’s not too far from home is what you’re looking for then Coorg is it. This verdant district with its heady fragrance from the orange orchards, anthurium flowers, Cardamom and coffee plantations is as romantic as it gets. Located on the Eastern slopes of the Western ghats, this magical, misty town may quite possibly be the most romantic travel destination in India.

Anthony met Cleopatra at Turkey’s Mediterranean coast for romantic interludes. Even today, with its fabulous beach resorts, private yacht cruises, beautiful museums in its castles and palaces and world class fine dining options Turkey remains a place to celebrate love. From the domes and minarets of Istanbul to the amazing Fairy Chimney rocks and underground cities of Cappadocia and the Roman ruins along its Western and Southern coasts, Turkey is an explorer’s delight. 

Paris (France)
Often called the city of Love, for years Paris has been a hot favourite with honeymooners from across the world. Gaze upon the Eiffel Tower, picnic along the  river Seine, explore the pedestrian market street of Rue Cler, sample the exquisitely prepared French cuisine and walk hand in hand through the picture perfect Parisian streets. A visit to Paris is not complete without viewing the Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre museum and the Beautiful Champs-Elysees Boulevard.

Visit the timeless pyramids of Giza and the charming bazaars, cruise down the Nile to see the great temples of ancient Egypt; take a tour of the ancient capital Memphis and gaze awestruck at the Sphinx, this is the world’s topmost destination for lovers of history and culture. The spell-binding tales of mystery and the kings and queens of yore, will make your Egypt honeymoon a magical and surreal experience.

With a total of 29 islands, Bahamas is a unique Caribbean honeymoon destination. Secluded and utterly romantic pink and white beaches, private beach bungalows and the majestic Atlantic make it a dream destination for lovers. Walk hand in hand on the soft sand, pack a picnic for two, head out for a kayak adventure or sway in the arms of your lover to Soca, the music of the Bahamas, there is plenty of love and romance in the air on these tropical islands. 

The capital city of England, located on the river Thames was founded by the Romans. Those looking for an urban honeymoon destination would immensely enjoy a trip to this fabulous city. Vibrant and multi-cultural, London has attracted people from all over the world for centuries and there’s never a dull moment in this dynamic metropolis. The museums, the lush green parks, Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, St. Pauls Cathedral, tower bridge and the London eye are a must see.