If you are looking for a 'truly Asia'n honeymooning experience, look no further beyond Malaysia. A melting point of different cultures, Malaysia offers a holistic extravaganza. The country beckons with its fast-paced and contemporary allurements while also giving a taste of its erstwhile laid-back old-world charm. Truly, a case of contrasts to suit the tastes of varied visitors to this wonder land. And for food connoisseurs, ah, Malaysia spells bliss. It probably boasts of the best assortment of the most delicious cuisines in the world. Step into its sanctuary to revel in newly-wedded bliss. 

The Southeast Asian country shares its borders with Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia while a causeway connects it to the island state of Singapore. 

Just like most Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia experiences tropical weather year-round. Temperatures range from 21°C-32°C with regions in higher altitudes being much colder (15°C-25°C). Rainfall is fairly even throughout the year with the exception being the east coast which experiences very heavy rainfall from November to mid-February. 

If you are ready to get a little wild (pun intended), Malaysia's ancient rainforests are just perfect. Endowed with a great variety in both flora and fauna, immerse in the splendor of nature. Malaysia boasts of over 8000 species of flowering plants, including the world's tallest tree species (tualang) and the world's largest flower (rafflesia). You won't be disappointed with the wide range of exotic animals too. From the majestic elephants to the miniscule cockroach (a word of caution, the world's largest cockroach is also found here), Malaysia is a wildlife lover's paradise. 

Island life
Being a tropical heaven, Malaysia is home to some of the stunning beaches around the world. The list is just endless, with all the stunning islands and bays that dot the country. Datai Bay, Desaru, Lang Tengah, Langkawi, Pangkor Island... are just a handful of them. Every island with its wide range of beaches and activities around them promises a pristine, fun-filled time. Pick out what interests you the most and weave as many memories as you can. Let your honeymoon be soaked in the tropical sunshine.   

Must-see attractions
While the country offers breath-taking experiences across its length and breath, there are a few attractions that should not be missed at any cost. Relieve the old colonial days in Penang and visit the tea plantations in Cameron Heights. At Kota Bharu, meet the traditional kite makers and feast at Malaysia's best night market. Savor the heritage architecture of the historic Melaka city. Finally, experience contemporary Malaysia in the energetic and the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. 

How to get there
The international airport at Kuala Lumpur is the entry gate to Malaysia, though the airports at Pulau and Johor Bahru also have limited international connections. Singapore is also a handy arrival/departure point as it is just across the causeway. There are sea links and roadways also from the neighboring countries. 

So, bask in the glory of your wedding and celebrate your honeymoon in the sparkle of mesmerizing Malaysia.