So, you have the moolah… What better way to show it off than during the grand occasion of your wedding! Oh yes, right from designer trousseau to exotic wedding locales, the world can truly be your oyster. But have you thought of the most important areas where you may spend to your heart's content and have an elegant wedding? lists out the all-important areas where no brakes are needed.

Wedding dress: Oh, there will be people telling not to spend a fortune on your wedding dress, which probably you are never going to wear again. But your wedding day won’t come again ever, isn’t it? There is no dearth of ace bridal wear designers. Hunt down your favorite one, spend hours perusing through the designer dresses and ready an entire wardrobe.

Ultimate splurge: Why not choose your favorite designer and ask him to design a wedding trousseau studded with precious coloured stones sewn together with gold thread?

Wedding photography: Everything will pass but the memories. So, no second thoughts about hiring the best photographer and videographer in town! Start with an elaborate pre-wedding bridal shoot, snap away your bachelorette, pose for the mehendi-sangeet-cocktail functions, enjoy the wedding day shots, and finally follow it up with the reception ceremony. The pictures should tell it all!

Ultimate splurge: Try to pull some strings with a film director to shoot the entire wedding festivities.

Wedding destination: Second only to the bride’s dress, choosing the perfect destination for your wedding has to be one of the priorities. Go for the most opulent properties in the country (or around the world), book the entire place for a week at least and give a lifetime experience to your guests. Better still, adorn the properties in different looks for each of the days.

Ultimate splurge: Why not book an exotic island for ten days for a truly lavish wedding?

Wedding entertainment: A ten-day grand wedding calls for a king-size entertainment bucket. Wow your guests with an awesome line-up of events. Belly dancers, fire acrobats, magicians, Bollywood and Hollywood stars… let there be no full stop. If you have a sizeable number of foreign guests, do not forget to up the India quotient by including authentic Indian entertainment forms.

Ultimate splurge: Let your favorite stars enact your love story in a full 3 hour feature film.

Wedding transport: Ferrying wedding guests to and fro during the festivities can be done in ultimate panache. Instead of the usual Mercs, Audis and BMWs, why not up the ante by hiring vintage vehicles? Classy, elegant and royal, your wedding will forever be etched in your guests’ minds for the right reasons. Old definitely will strike gold.

Ultimate splurge: As a memento of your wedding, gift customized miniature car models studded with precious stones.