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How to turn your bedroom into a love den

Newly-weds spend a considerable amount of time spent at home in the bedroom. So it's only fair to give some attention to doing it up in a way that inspires...

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Kissing styles by Zodiac signs

"The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship more strongly than even the final surrender, because the kiss already has within it that surrender."

6 teasers for great sex every woman must know

Regardless of being experienced or not, for a woman sex on wedding night can definitely fray even the most calm nerves.....

10 things men must know about women

'Women are so complicated to understand', a common phrase many men use. And yet there are scores of books written....

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10 things women must know about men

Men are strange creatures, and whoever said that their minds are easier to read, well, just hasn't been around a guy, ever! Men like....

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How to spice up a long-distance marriage

To make a long distance marriage work, a lot of effort is needed. The lack of physical togetherness is the biggest obstruction to the...

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