Are you having couple trouble? Having issues that are simply not getting resolved? Let astrology come to your rescue. Yes, coloured stones have the power to alter a person’s life. Each zodiac sign is ruled by different planets, thus having an affinity with particular precious stones. All you have to do is to invest in your favored stone, and lo, your problems will all vanish into thin air. lists the gemstones for each zodiac sign, for you to have a happy married life.

For an Aries person, the three stones are diamonds, amethyst and emerald. While diamonds enhances luck in wealth, amethyst is apt for activating patience. Emerald is purely to protect you from any lurking danger.

The lucky stones for a Taurean are emeralds, rose quartz and lapis lazuli. Emeralds as a protective shield and also boost self-esteem. Rose quartz is for those special social occasions while lapis lazuli helps you in getting connected to your inner soul.  

For a Gemini person, agate, tourmaline and citrine are the lucky gemstones. While agate brings comfort and healing, tourmaline is magnificent for focus and mental acuteness. To lift up your mood, citrine is ‘the’ stone for you.

The Cancerian has pearls, moonstone and peridot as his lucky gemstones. Pearls helps you to strengthen inner wisdom, moonstone helps to clarify your mind, and peridot is quite the healer for any depressing thought that might bother you.

For the Leo, the lucky stones are ruby, topaz and tiger eye. Ruby is to enhance your generous side and topaz is to clear the way for any kind of hindrances, both physical and mental. Tiger eye is to help you for intuitive work and psychic development.

The lucky gemstones for the Virgo are sapphire, amethyst and carnelian. Sapphire is to lift your mood and spirit while amethyst will relieve you from undue stress and worry. Carnelian is to boost your feelings of security and self-confidence.

The Libran has opal, peridot and jade as his lucky gemstones. Opal is to ignite the creative self, peridot is to let your heart communicate its inner desires, and jade is to lend balance to your ever-in-motion finances.

The lucky stones for a Scorpion are onyx, black pearls and garnet. Onyx is great to be in touch with your psychic abilities while black pearls will help to soothe your edgy mood swings. Garnet is to set your infamous libidinal prowess to even greater heights.

For a Sagittarian, the lucky gemstones are turquoise, topaz and quartz. Turquoise helps in balancing your temper, topaz to keep you calm and hearty during social events, and quartz will assist you to balance your dual nature.

The lucky gemstones for a Capricorn are snowflake obsidian, garnet and sapphire. Snowflake obsidian helps you to be flexible yet retain a sense of authority. Garnet attracts social warmth along with inducing joviality in your disposition. Sapphire enhances your sense of intuition.

For the Aquarian, the lucky stones are amethyst, amber and hematite. While amethyst enhances your amicable personality, amber heals emotional injuries. Hematite on the other hand helps you stay grounded and not be over-confident.

The lucky stones for a Piscean are bloodstone, aquamarine and opal. Bloodstone keeps your feet firmly grounded. Aquamarine lends you a heightened sense of awareness and opal lends a comforting hand protecting you from addictive behaviours.