Your honeymoon is a private affair and is all about spending time with your partner, experiencing new things together, understanding your mate closely and of course, sex. It is not necessary that honeymoons have to be expensive or long, but they should be meaningful and full of love. Here are a few ways to make your honeymoon more memorable.

1. To have a positive and more memorable honeymoon choosing the right destination and having the right mindset, is very important. Make sure that you pick a place that you both agree on.

2. Your honeymoon is a one-time affair. Prepare the room according to your partner’s taste. Take the opportunity to arrange the room with the standard honeymoon set like flowers, candles, satin bed sheets and drinks. Imagine what a delightful moment it will be for your partner on seeing the room full of romantic attribute.

3. Go for a couple’s massage. Get spa treatment especially designed for couples. Plan a package from mud bath to couple’s massage. Just do something that will help you both relax and enjoy together.

4. You can cook a romantic dinner for your partner. The idea that the dinner is cooked especially for her will definitely make her feel special. Just make sure to pick a dish that she really loves.

5. You can hire a band that would perform to one of her favourite song or a song that has a special meaning for both of you.

6. Pack your bags right with all the sexy lingerie (only for the wives). While you are all passionate, lively and energetic about the honeymoon, make it extra special by wearing something nice every night. A stylish but attractive bedtime outfit creates an added spark and makes the honeymoon even more memorable.

7. A honeymoon trip is not an ordinary vacation. Make it more memorable by doing activities that we do not experience every day. For example, taking a small helicopter tour of the place you are honeymooning in, going scuba diving or horseback riding on the beach, going on a hot air balloon over the mountains, any kind of water sport or anything adventurous. It will be a great experience for both you and your partner .It will give you an experience of learning or doing something together for the first time.

Making a successful honeymoon tour together is a great way to start a marriage, just remember to have fun.