Remember those long drunken nights of your college years? That brazen game of truth or dare wherein all hidden secrets of your life were secrets no more? You may not be in college anymore but that doesn’t mean you cannot have a fun night. In fact, break the monotony by indulging in some fun and sexy bedroom games that will keep the sparks alive. brings to you 5 unique games that can be enjoyed by every couple.

Dirty mind
Even before the games begin, set the perfect mood hours earlier. Plan an evening out with your partner and let the ball rolling. Set the mood by dimming the lights in the room, place an order for food from your favourite restaurant and start with some wine and initiate a game of ‘guess it right’. Begin by asking saucy questions to your partner like ‘what colour underwear are you wearing’ or ‘your favorite sexual position’. If he answers most of the questions correctly, he gets to treat you like his sex slave for the night. Instead, if he loses, he gets to be your sex slave. Your fun night thus begins!

Strip quiz
Most of us have taken part in quiz competitions while at school. Well, add a new twist since you are a child no more. A question answered correctly should be rewarded with one layer of clothing removed. Take turns in asking the questions so that both partners are simultaneously undressing. The one who gets naked first gets to call the shots for the night. As to the nature of the questions, it is completely up to you! Naughty or straight, the fun after all lies in them being answered correctly.

Spotlight on
Many a time, partners (especially women) are not comfortable voicing their sexual desires. This game should be played by all those who are coy about their desires. Turn off all the lights and make your love den pitch dark. Lie down naked and with a torch, flash that particular body part where you want to be kissed, nibbled, licked or bit. Once satisfied, redirect the torch to the next erogenous zone of your body. If you play this right, you are in for one mind-blowing session of kinky enjoyment. 

Mess around
It’s good to get messy at times, especially in the bedroom. Blindfold your partner and make him lie down. Get chocolate syrup, whipped cream, strawberry dip or mayonnaise dip, the choice is utterly yours. Using your chosen item, doodle any word on your partner’s body and let him guess. If he answers correctly, smear some of it on your body and let him lick you down. If not, you may lick the doodle off him for another chance. Finish off the game with a bubble bath at the end.

Read out loud
This one’s for the nerds, albeit with a difference. Get hold of some raunchy erotic books or short stories. Create a mood perfect for reading it out to your partner. Pick out the steamiest sex scene and read it out. Follow this with the exact enactment, down to the minutest detail. For the second round, let your partner pick out his favorite paragraph and act it out. The sense of eroticism, role play and fantasy of the game will work wonders for your bedroom play.