In the blockbuster Hindi film Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, a young Aishwarya Rai Bachchan stops her beau Salman Khan from kissing her. Why? Fear of getting pregnant! We know, you want to go back to watching this particular scene right now and laughing your lungs out. Sex myths like these exist. As silly and ridiculous as they sound, we are sure at some point in your lives, you must have also fallen prey to one of these myths. Here’s presenting a list of the top five sex myths.

Myth 1: Condoms are 100% safe

Truth: Condom, the birth control device does not mean full-proof protection. They definitely protect you from STDs and unplanned pregnancies but only around 97% of the times. There’s always a slim chance of you getting caught in an unwanted situation. Caution, do not make it worse by wearing two condoms to double the protection. The constant friction would lead to wear and tear, the results being disastrous!

Myth 2: A woman cannot get pregnant during her period

Truth: It is unlikely that you would get pregnant while you are chumming, but not absolutely impossible. Mostly, women and men tend to get careless during those days of the month. But chances of sperms staying alive for several days are not uncommon, especially if you have a shorter cycle. Hence, it is best advised that you never forego the protection till you plan to go the family way.

Myth 3: Every woman has a G-spot

Truth: Oh, the mystery surrounding the G-spot of women needs to be solved to relieve all the men of this universe. Yes, the G-spot is present in every woman. But not every woman achieves an orgasm through her G-spot. In fact, for many, their G-spot is not even one of their erogenous zones. So guys, do not sweat it out over some mystery spot. Instead, focus on her other erogenous zones; pleasure guaranteed.

Myth 4: Men who have bigger hands / feet have large ‘members’

Truth: Ladies, have you been checking out every guy’s hands on the sly? Or trying to figure out what size shoes does he wears? If you think there is any sort of correlation between the size of his hands / feet with his ‘member’, you have definitely been believing one of the most ridiculous sex myths of all times! Science has proven that there is absolutely no connection between the size of his 'limbs' and the length of his ‘member’.  

Myth 5: Aphrodisiacs whet your sexual appetite

Truth: Sorry to burst the bubble but aphrodisiacs or love-inducing foods do not actually have any role in getting you sexually aroused. Science says that in truth, aphrodisiacs have a placebo effect on the human mind. That is, if you actually believe chocolates sexually stimulate you, they will work for you. If you don’t, they won’t! It’s all in the mind. None of the love foods actually has any effect on your libido.