Are you completely satisfied with your sex life? Has boredom made its entry already? All you need is a little play between the sheets! Foreplay can spruce things up like no other. Loved by all women and liked by men too, foreplay teases you well enough to enjoy the ride thereafter. lists out incredible foreplay ideas to set the perfect mood.

Tips for the men to seduce their women
Tease them right: Ah, women loves to be teased. Make them crave for some action. Take it slow. Women love kissing. Kiss every part of her body, making her tingle with excitement. Pay attention to all areas of her body, from nibbling the lobe of her ear to sucking her pedicured toes. Undress her, taking off each layer with absolute delicateness.

Snogging like first-time lovers: Remember the days when you went crazy in the car, spending hours snogging with her? Well, snogging is one of the best ways to set the near-perfect ambience for a rollicking sack session. Why not surprise her in the garage after coming back from a boring party? You shouldn’t be surprised if she strips right there just for you!

Get vocal: Most women may not admit it but love when their man talks dirty to them. Just know how to balance it with the compliments. Hold her hands and compliment on how beautiful she is. Follow it up with a sexy dirty whisper in her ear. Keep oscillating between your choices of words and see her squirming with sheer delight.

The downtown trip: Need your woman to be all ready? Just get down on your knees and let things roll. Start by kissing her inner thighs, move a little deeper and finally, find the spot that makes her go weak. Make good use of your fingers and tongue, and there’s no stopping her then. While at it, fondle her body. Great sex guaranteed!

Tips for the women to seduce their men
Charge it up visually: Face it, men are visual creatures. Save them the trouble of imagining; instead, dress up to kill. Take out that lacy bra, put on the red lipstick and strut ahead in that sexy pair of stilettos. Before you know it, he’ll be all yours lady! A little rub under the table or a naughty wink will add more spice to the drama.

Massaging the right zones: Who doesn’t enjoy a nice massage session? Every man loves it when their woman guides her fingers down the nape of his neck and rustles up his hair. Use your long nails to gently scratch his scalp, rub your hands to rub his body and get him all charged up for a long night of desire and passion.

Dirty does the trick: While women are coy about this, men make no qualms when it comes to dirty talking. Don’t just do it when you are in bed; instead, start right in the morning with a naughty text message. Keep it going throughout the day. When you are finally together, drop all coyness. Tell him what turns you on in the most brazen manner. The deed is done.

Oral fixation: Like it or not, a man loves it when his woman uses her mouth well. Considered as the ultimate foreplay tip for men, ladies, surely you can’t ignore this. Sensual stroking with your hands followed by an out-of-the-world one with your expert mouth is the way to go. Shed all inhibitions and rock your man. An awesome session will follow thereafter!