Are you in the mood to make love? Or, are you in the mood to have some kinky fun instead? When moods can differ, why not your sex positions? To make your sex life fun and exciting, we have made a list of sex positions that will suit your different moods perfectly. Time to crackle up your sack session, eh!

Romantic mood
For all those nights when you are at your romantic best, vanilla sex is the way to go. The missionary position, where your bodies are up close and intimate, is the perfect sex position to look into each other’s eyes and live the moment. If you like, you may add some twists to the sex position to make it even more personal and cherished.

Dominating mood
Surprise your man every once in a while. The woman-on-top position can say it all. Take the reins in your hands and let your man take a backseat. Touch and tingle him at his pleasure points. Guide him to pleasure you the way you want. The role reversal would definitely hot things up, leaving you both completely satiated.

Sex positions for different moods

Rushed mood
Who doesn’t love a quickie? There is nothing like doing it in the rush hours. The doggy style can be both hot and heavy. Bend down on all fours and let him have you from the behind. Let him fondle your breasts while at it. The raw passion of this sex position can further be upped a few notches by bending over a switched-on washing machine.

Sexy mood
Have you been sweating it out at the gym and dying to show off your sexy curves? Well, the sex position popularly known as the ‘couch canoodle’ should be perfect. Sit on his lap facing him. Slowly, lean back so that you are upside down with your arms stretched behind to support your weight and maintain balance. Let the actions begin while your body is out on display for your man.

Hot sex positions for all couples

Lazy mood
There are times when even if you wish to get a little naughty, there is little stamina left at the end of the day. For nights like these, the ever-popular spooning position is the trick. Lie side by side, both facing the same direction. Let him thrust you from behind while you gently play with your breasts and clitoris. Perhaps, this will get you in the mood for some hot action afterwards!

Adventurous mood
While the above-mentioned sex positions are all great, there are times when you want to surprise even yourself. While it may take some adjustment, do try out this sex position! Called the pinwheel, it involves your partner and you lying on your sides facing the same direction. Lower your crotch onto his, wrapping your legs around either side of his torso. While your arms support your weight, let him encircle your waist with his legs and thrust you gently.