When was the last time your husband grabbed your hand, led you up to the terrace, ripped open your clothes and followed it up with a lip-smacking session of sex? If you are still trying to remember, sorry to break it to you ladies, but your sex life is not like it should be. Marriage, we agree, takes a toll on a couple’s sex life and before you know it, all that is left are the occasional routine sessions. Come on, that now is a wakeup call, take charge before it’s too late. We show you how to have some serious fun without much ado!

Subtle seduction: After a monotonous day at work, you and your husband are dressing up for a party later in the evening. Take a cue from the umpteen Hindi movie scenes and start the game of seduction and entice your man. Offer to help him fix his tie, pass on his watch while lingering on a little bit more, stare at him directly with your kohl-smeared eyes. The subtle sensuality will strike him; and before you know it, a passionate session will soon play out.

Passion overdrive: It’s 2 in the night. You are on your way back from a dinner. The cool breeze, empty streets and the wine you sipped at the dinner is making you all gooey and romantic. A little startled he might be, but just ask him to stop the car. Remove your stiletto heels, unzip your dress and let loose your hair. Gently go over to him and plant the most intimate kiss on his lips. If you haven’t already guessed, the most exciting car sex of your life is about to happen.

Morning play: The morning hours in every household are always on a fast forward mode. Getting ready, preparing breakfast and lunch, and finally leaving for work leave no time for anything else. What if you squeeze in some spice in this daily routine? When your husband is in the bathroom, sneak in from behind, wrapped only in your towel. Before he starts chiding you for your childishness, drop the towel. Keep some excuse handy as you are definitely going to be late!

Wedding revelry: You are at your cousin’s wedding dressed in traditional finery. Are you reminded of your days as a newlywed couple? At an appropriate time, go up to your husband, hold his hands, and lead him to a room upstairs. Shush him into silence and guide him to disrobe you with delicateness. The unexpected sex in a hotel room will bring back memories from your honeymoon and will definitely rekindle the romance. Dressing up again might be a little irksome though. But do you really care?

Weekend fun: It’s the weekend and the kids have gone to their granny’s. The pending household chores are done and you two are left alone for the day. While he is casually surfing through the sports channels on TV, why not play dress-up and take him for a ride? Pick out any look that you want: cheerleader, nurse, or teacher. Switch off the TV and give him a sexy lap dance. Take things slow, tease and test him before you actually get into it. Weekends cannot get any better that now, right?!