Honeymoon is an intimate and romantic time for the newly wedded couple, relax together, enjoy candle light dinner and much more. The big wedding day has passed and now its time to spend alone with the love of your life, making memories for a lifetime.

Take advantage of the viewIf your hotel room has a big enough balcony, head outside for an exciting tryst. Especially if you're near the ocean, the sound of the water and the sensuality of the air can be very arousing.

Food with foreplayCall the room service and order ice cream or chocolate syrup, whipped cream, strawberries, caramel sauce and other indulgences. When dessert arrives, take turns blindfolding each other and tasting the goods, or turn your partner's body into a plate and lick it off.

A sexy stripteaseNow that you're married, why wait, but don’t rush to get naked. A sexy striptease requires confidence to pull off, but done properly can put you both in a deliciously romantic mood.

Dare to go bareYes, we are talking about your body hair (especially for girls), make sure that you have a waxing done before going to your honeymoon, and get rid of all the unwanted hair. Exfoliate and polish your body, you are then ready to flaunt your curves.

Find out some inner secretsHoneymoon is a great time to find out how well you know your partner. Make it interesting by playing a game wherein you each spend a half hour writing down 10 to 20 personal questions you'd like your partner to answer. They can be lame (“What is one of my sexual fantasies?”). Take turns answering; if you get something wrong, you take one of you cloth off each time.

Give him a surprise: It may be a cliché but you can drive your man crazy by picking up something extra sexy for you honeymoon. Make his jaws drop each time you are in bed together.