Just after a rollicking session in bed with your partner, what can possibly go wrong? For both men and women, the biggest spoiler can be certain lines uttered by their partner right after sex. If you wish to continue the lovey-dovey post-coital mood, simply avoid mouthing the following lines.

Things your man does not want to hear

“It happens to a lot of men”: Never ever should these words come out of your mouth. It can work as the ultimate ego crusher for him. You may share your concern with him, but definitely not right after the session.

“That was nice”: You liked the session? Great! For his ego to be boosted, a simple ‘nice’ won’t just do. Brush up your vocabulary skills. Words like ‘hot’, ‘awesome’ or ‘incredible’ are preferred over lame terms like ‘nice’ and ‘fine’.

“Want to try again?”: The word ‘try’ must be kept out of the bedroom. The man may be known to be having a never-say-die attitude. But when it comes to matters of the sack, it’s best that you do not ruffle up his manhood the wrong way.

“That’s it?”: Yes, we know that you ladies take time to reach your peak while for the man, it is almost always a quick romp. But saying the above phrase will prick his sexual conscience like no other. Believe us, leave the discussion for a later date.

“Do you mind if I finish myself?”: Never ask this question. You want to? Just do it! Putting it across as a question might lead him to question himself about his ability to satisfy you. But the blatant show of sexual prowess will surely turn on your man.

Things your woman does not want to hear

“I’m starving”: So does that mean all this while, all that you were thinking about was food? We agree that sex leaves everyone a little famished. But pointing that out immediately after you finish is sure to piss off your lady. Watch your mouth, man!

“Why do I see tears?”: For most women, sex is an emotional affair. Especially, if it is the first few times, she can get quite overwhelmed. This does not mean that you belittle her tears. Lend her a supporting shoulder and cuddle her to sleep.

“You are on the pill right?”: If you are really worried, you should ask this question before you hop into bed with her. Uttering this question immediately after will open the tear gates. She surely looks forward to having kids with you someday.

“Are you OK?”: The one thing that women hate after sex is sympathy. Sex is as much enjoyed by women as men. Asking whether they are doing fine after an eventful session is killing the mood altogether. Instead, give her a hug and cuddle to show concern.

“Let’s sleep, honey”: We know men get tired easily after sex while women always like a little bit more. But hitting the sack immediately after sex is sure to invite the wrath of your lady. Whisper sweet nothings and snuggle with her before you go off to sleep.