Newly-weds spend a considerable amount of time spent at home in the bedroom. So it’s only fair to give some attention to doing it up in a way that inspires some sensational love-making. For those new brides whose men are not very familiar with the concepts of ‘neat & tidy’, you can get them to pitch in every once in a while if you show them the benefits of being in a room that looks like it’s made for lovers. 

DE-CLUTTER: Dirty laundry is so not sexy. Neither are newspapers and magazines and all the other extraneous non-bedroom things that manage to find their way in on a daily basis. Once you start to keep out the things that don’t belong there, you have a canvas to create on.

COLOUR YOUR PASSION: Colours are the easiest way to add mood to interiors. If you want to keep the colour of your walls as your base colour, then think of all the complementary colours that you can use for accents and highlights. 

BED PLAY: It’s the most prominent piece of furniture in the room, and should be one that makes you both want to ‘get late for work’. Choose your sheets in soft fabrics and solid colours that match the colour scheme of the room. Play with colours and patterns when choosing the cushions. A bed filled with pillows and cushions sends out a clear message of invitation. 

MOOD LIGHTING: Not only does it set the mood for some loving it also relaxes the mind. Put the lights in your room on a dimmer and see your room transform magically. Get tinted bulbs for the lamps, pink and red toned light hots up the ambience instantly. Place some candles around the room for that sparkly, flattering, flickering light that throws soft shadows. 

VARIETY ADDS SPICE: Depending on how much leftover space you have in your bedroom, you might want to consider adding another smaller piece of furniture to use for getting things on. A big chair that you can straddle in, a couch or even a small bench, or maybe a love-seat, the options are many and varied.

TEASE THE SENSES: Once you have your room scoring in the looks department, take it to the next level. Make it an aural and olfactory delight too. Have soft music playing in the background. Instrumentals work best if you cannot settle on the kind of music you both like. Little bowls of potpourri across the room and fresh clean bed linen that smells of lavender can set the mood for romance like nothing else.

QUIRKY EFFECTS: Potted plants, sensual photography or artwork, lava lamps would make for great additions to your passionate playground. Strategically placed mirrors in the bedroom are notoriously sexy. Hang a sheer fabric in a canopy around your bed if it suits your taste. Once you get thinking in the general direction, the possibilities of sexing up your bedroom are endless.