Does sex still hold charm after one is married for say three decades? Or does it become more like a chore with each passing day? Do not let your sex life get stuck in a rut. Keep it fun, new and adventurous at every age. Presenting the ultimate sex guide that will keep your sex life alive and rocking, no matter your age!

The 20s
This is the time to explore. You are newly married and excitement is at its peak. Do not hold back! Find out what works for you, try new things, experiment. Shed all inhibitions and talk to your partner about your likes and dislikes. The 20s is all about getting to know each other. Let the freshness of your relationship take you to new levels of sexual intimacy.

The 30s
The 30s usually mean stability in your marital life. A couple’s life is occupied with their kids and career. Often sex takes a backseat at this age. But this is also the time when you are confident about your sexual needs. You have learnt to communicate your needs more clearly. The 30s is about knowing to juggle your time. You may not have the luxury of a long session; how about the quickies?

The 40s
Believe it or not, the 40s is actually the best time when it comes to matters of the sack. With your life all sorted, it is the time to play out all those fantasies that have long been dormant. This is the right time to indulge in passionate sessions with your partner. Re-ignite the craze for each other. You know each other’s bodies. Why not add some spice to the already tested waters?

The 50s
You might have crossed the half century mark but it need not be a dampener for your sex lives. Bodily changes around this time effect most men and women. Let them not act as a deterrent to your libidinal energy; instead, if need be, take aid of external devices (pills, creams and the likes) and keep up the action. After all, what’s a relationship without the thrills of sex?

60s and beyond
As a couple gets older, getting sexually intimate can become rare. Even if you are not active, make it a point to have physical interaction in other forms. Holding hands, gentle caressing, hugging and kissing are some gestures that will keep the love alive. And an occasional session of sex can only do you good, so don’t hold back.