Getting married definitely finds a mention on the list of ‘life’s most important decisions’. And like every other major decision of life, a detailed conversation should precede before making a final call to get married. A heart-to-heart chat with your fiancé/fiancée about certain important aspects about the forthcoming conjugal life is always a good idea. lists out the top five areas which require some serious conversation.

Everyone loves kids, don’t they? But loving kids and having one’s own… well, that’s a different matter. What if your fiancé is not keen to have kids? Are you both open to adoption if the occasion rises? When do you plan to have kids? These are some issues that need a healthy discussion before taking the plunge. Of course, keep your eyes and ears open for a number of disagreements to follow. A pointer, disagreeing on the number of children is completely normal!

Finances and career
Romantically speaking, all you need is love. But it’s best advised to be practical. Money matters should feature as one of the most important topics before you decide on marriage as it generally becomes a reason for arguments in future fights. Keep it real and talk things straight. Would you like to have a joint account or would you prefer separate accounts too? What would be your respective career goals in the next 10 years? Though most tend to find it awkward talking about finances, it is best to sort things straight out.

Family and in-laws
It is rightly said that when you marry, you marry his / her family as well. Have you always wanted to have a nuclear family while your partner prefers the joint setup? Are you comfortable with your in-laws spending six months at your place? In today’s age when both the partners have a busy work schedule, it is imperative to get a clear view of what to expect after the marriage. It is always better to get a fair idea before than regretting in the future. Keep it real, and put forth your views.

The ice breaker
Marriage is a gamble, they say. But there’s no harm in playing it safe, is there? Spell out all your insecurities, your deal breakers, your higher goals. A candid conversation with your would-be spouse shouldn’t be difficult. Of course, marriage calls for some adjustments and compromises on each partner’s part. But if any particular habit of his annoys you, tell him about it. If her shopping trips to the high-end mall bother you, it’s best to talk about it rather than complaining about it later. Communication is the key, use it well.

We generally don’t talk about sex. This needs to change! Marriage obviously means being physically intimate with your partner. Sexual compatibility is a major area which is almost always ignored. Talking about your sexual needs and your physical desires is as important as all the above-mentioned aspects. What if your partner is not comfortable with your idea of intimacy? Is your partner even comfortable talking about things, let alone doing them? Hard it may sound, but an absolute necessity it is!