Post wedding planning
Immediately post the wedding what are you going to be doing? Going directly to your in-laws place for the rest of the ceremonies or spending the night at the wedding venue?  (Especially true for weddings which get over very late in the night). Incase it is the wedding venue, be sure to check the different type of rooms available and choose according to budget and requirements. Brides remember to extract a good room-rate, since the wedding is taking place at the venue, and you are giving enough and more business to them already. 

A small kit bag
Don’t forget to carry your small kit /vanity case to the wedding venue. If possible, ask a trusted friend or relative to bring it along for you. They will be more than happy to help the bride.

What happens to the gifts
A new bride always gets a lot of gifts. What will happen to yours? Entrust the responsibility to a family member or a friend who will safely park all your gifts and flowers to the designated place. In case you are mingling with your guests and not sitting at the podium, there should ideally be some one accompanying you, so that any gifts given to you while you are mingling with the guests can be handed over. This will help your hands to be free and not be overflowing with gifts. 

Venue arrangements
As a new bride, you are doing everything possible to look your very best on your special day. Your wedding venue should look perfect just like you. Plan beforehand where all the guests will sit especially during the pheras (in case you want a special place for close family members), from where the doli will depart.   Leave clear instructions as to who will be responsible for overseeing these details. Will it be the venue banquet manager, a designated family member or a friend?  

Bathroom decoration
Just a small flower arrangement or even some pretty scented candles, small lanterns, diyas will add a touch of festivity to the often neglected bathroom allotted for the guest usage at the wedding venue. Leaving the bathroom neglected is akin to the bride not polishing her toe nails. 

The day after 
Will you be off to your honeymoon just the day after the marriage? In case yes, make arrangements for a car service to take you from the hotel/ home to the airport.  Be sure you bring any luggage you want to take for your honeymoon with you before the wedding itself, and put it in your allotted hotel room (if you are leaving from the hotel itself). In the excitement of marriage, do remember to safely pack in your passport and foreign currency incase it is an international destination. If, there are no immediate honeymoon plans, chalk out what you will be doing the day after the wedding. Back to work, just the day after?  Try and co-ordinate the first day post marriage leaving-for-work routine in the morning.